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Best News Of The Day: Alan Grayson Crushes Reactionary Hacks In Orlando

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Today Florida had its congressional primaries and with about 93% of the vote counted it's looking like Donna Edwards may soon have a strong progressive with a reform-minded agenda working with her in Congress. (Oh, there's still the general election in November... but Keller barely managed to hold onto his party's nomination against Todd Long who's getting 47% of the Republican vote.) AP has called the race for Grayson but says it's too close to call on the GOP side.

Alan Grayson... 48.4%
Charlie Stuart... 27.5%
Mike Smith... 17.3%
Quoc Ba Van... 3.7%
Alexander Fry... 3.1%

Which ad do you think will be most effective in the general election?

or this?

And, think about donating to Alan's general election fund at our Blue America ActBlue page so he can keep running the ads. This is what red-to-blue is really about, not some more Inside the Beltway Stalinism.