Pinhead Gunpowder Announces Live West Coast Shows

05/25/2011 12:20 pm ET

Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day has an amazing -- and long-standing -- side project he does, Pinhead Gunpowder. They got going in 1991 and have released a bunch of singles, EPs and 3 albums, mostly on indie label, Lookout! Most Green Day fans are also aware of Pinhead Gunpowder Jason White because he's often onstage with Green Day when the trio need more guitar and Bill Schneider is Green Day's guitar tech/tour crew manager. The drummer, Aaron Cometbus, isn't part of Green Day but he publishes an East Bay fanzine, Cometbus.

Outside of the Green Day world, the band is probably best known for their punked out cover of Joni Mitchell's classic, "Big Yellow Taxi." I played it for Joni once and she loved it and pogo-ed around the room! Someone just completed a new clip (actually two, a rockin' version and the one at the bottom of this post) for "Life During Wartime."

Today the Green Day's official fan site reports that Pinhead Gunpowder will be doing some rare live shows. February 3 will see them at the Chain Reaction in Anaheim and February 4 at the Troubadour in L.A. The Bay Area show isn't reported but a good source tells the Huffington Post that they'll be at Gilman Street in Berkeley on February 10. Tickets will probably be sold out before you're finished reading this post-- but at least you have a better shot than anyone else online.