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KCRW'S Left, Right & Center -- 11.28.08

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Economy-Stocks/Auto Bailout/Obama's Cabinet Picks

As the economy tanks, the panelists agree with a Paul Krugman column in today's NYTimes, we don't have two months to wait. Tony wants Obama -- knowing there's only one president at a time - to take the lead and signal where he's going with the economy since W can't get traction and the Congress is less than useless. He calls the three testifying auto company execs nitwits for being so tone deaf ...and calls Congress stupid for saying they're not going to protect three million jobs because these three nitwits flew in on private planes. Obama must act now. Arianna says, get rid of the nitwits and put a general plan for restructuring in action. They talk about Hillary Clinton -- Bob worries she might be a hawk - and Janet Napolitano -- Tony says she's not qualified ...There's a lot of action on today's show. Tony's rant is a madrigal -- and it's beautiful!

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