01/02/2009 05:11 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

KCRW's Left Right & Center 1.02.09

Gaza; Barack's Back in Town; Senate Appointees

We won't solve the Middle East crisis today, but the question appears to be: Why did this fighting break out now? Bob says that Israel wanted to pre-empt Obama and create a crisis before he gets into office; Arianna wants to know, what is the end goal? Tony says Arafat rejected the only viable two state solution that Clinton proposed, and the rest is history. Will the stimulus package be big enough? Is there a spotlight bright enough to shine on abusers and fraud-mongers? Tony says: we've got to expect fraud and abuse, you can't spend trillions quickly and efficiently. And will Blago's Burris be seated? Will Caroline inherit a throne?