Left, Right & Center: The Oil Spill, Arizona's Immigration Law and Goldman Sachs' Hot Seat

06/30/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

The oil well spewing 250,000 gallons of oil per day into the Gulf of Mexico is hitting shores and waterways now. There will be long-term environmental, policy and political consequences. Did Obama act fast enough? Is Drill Baby Drill over now? Who will pay the political price: Dems or the GOP? That same question can be asked in light of the new Arizona immigration law...who wins, who loses? Calls for boycotts, May Day protests and more: Will it stand a legal test? Tony says the language was carefully crafted to pass Supreme Court Constitutional scrutiny and believes it will be upheld. Even before the civil case was filed, it's now been revealed that there is a criminal investigation into Goldman-Sachs' investment practices. And will Greece turn the EuroZone toxic?