10/20/2010 11:16 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Arianna On 2010's 'Not Ready For Prime Time' Candidates

Arianna appeared on "Anderson Cooper 360" Wednesday night to discuss the rash of political candidates -- Democrats as well as tea party favorites -- who have severed communication with much of the mainstream press in favor of a friendlier audience at Fox News or elsewhere.

"This is an unprecedented election year, when we have so many candidates who have bubbled up to be the parties' nominees who are not really ready for prime time," Arianna told host Anderson Cooper, pointing to Nevada tea party Senate candidate Sharron Angle. "In those cases, it actually makes sense for them to avoid all the land mines, and any question can lead to an answer that becomes a land mine. So the more they're not present, the more they're just simply not the incumbent, the more likely they are to win."