10/15/2010 09:53 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Arianna On CNN's 'Parker Spitzer': Anxiety About The Economy Goes Beyond Left vs. Right (VIDEO)

Arianna took part in a wide-ranging roundtable discussion on CNN's "Parker Spitzer" Friday night, together with Steve Kornacki, News Editor at, author and model Paulina Porkizkova and political veteran Ed Rollins, a CNN Senior political correspondent.

The panel began by discussing Sarah Palin's new TLC reality series, "Sarah Palin's Alaska"

"You have to give her credit for the fact that she really knows how to do social media," Arianna said. "Look at her Facebook reach - the fact that she doesn't really have to give an interview to The New York Times, she can just post something on her Facebook wall."

Switching gears, Eliot Spitzer asked: "Is this a center-right country?"

"No, it is absolutely not a center-right country," Arianna responded. "Where we are is in a huge new game. ... A lot of people are deeply anxious. Not just the people who have lost jobs and lost homes, but the people whose relatives have lost jobs, whose kids are graduating from college and can't get jobs. So what we are facing is really just a deep need to reset our values, see what the future is."

"I think it's the people who are stuck on that New York-Washington axis who want to portray everything as a left-right issue," Arianna said.