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Arianna Discusses Quran Burning, Obama, 'Third World America' On GMA (VIDEO)

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Arianna joined Tucker Carlson on "Good Morning America" today to discuss the controversial plan by a Florida church to burn the Quran on 9/11, the proposed Islamic center that would be built near Ground Zero, and her new book, "Third World America."

Arianna argued that opposition to the Park51 mosque flies in the face of the essential American freedom to worship privately wherever one would like to.

Host George Stephanopoulos noted that Obama in his speech yesterday echoed some themes from Arianna's new book, namely concern for the hard-hit middle class in this country. She noted that Obama's campaign had been centered around support for the middle class, but had not acted on their behalf with enough urgency:

In fact, what happened, where he kind of acknowledged it, is that they haven't had the results they were hoping they were going to have. And I argue in the book that they really did not bring the sense of urgency that they brought to saving Wall Street... They underestimated the economic crisis.

Watch Arianna's appearance below. Read more news from 'Third World America' here.

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