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Arianna On 'Morning Joe': Huffington Discusses The Tone Of The 2012 Election Campaign

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Arianna stopped by the Morning Joe studio this morning to join Mark Halperin and Lawrence O'Donnell in discussing the increasingly hostile tone of the 2012 election campaign.

On the recent barbs traded by the candidates and the super PACs that support them, Arianna said:

"When he [Romney] picked paul Ryan, we thought that we would get away from 'who made the latest gaffe'... and that we would move onto a real debate about the role of government and the nature of capitalism. It lasted about three hours. There are still over 20 million Americans who are unemployed or underemployed and 11 million whose homes are underwater, and that's the real outrage."

Following a discussion of a controversial speech by Joe Biden, Arianna opined that gaffes "happen to everybody - it's human nature," citing Mitt Romney's introduction of Paul Ryan as "The next President Of The United States," at a recent rally.

The reason why this is different is that America is in worse shape than during other campaigns. It's ok if you are in 'plateau' time, you can have fun with your gaffes and counter gaffes. But this is not a 'plateau' time, this is a dangerous time, and people know that. That is why people are increasingly disconnected from this campaign."

Watch the full discussion below (via MSNBC)

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