02/23/2009 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Arianna, Nora Ephron, Erica Jong, Craig Newmark, Paul Reickhoff and Trey Ellis Discuss "The Year Ahead" at the 92nd Street Y

On Wednesday evening, Arianna joined an all-star panel of HuffPost bloggers at the 92nd Street Y to discuss "The Year Ahead" in politics, culture and media. The event, "The Huffington Post in Residence: The Year Ahead" was the first in a series of evenings organized through a new partnership between the 92nd Street Y and the Huffington Post. The panel included Erica Jong, Nora Ephron, Craig Newmark, Trey Ellis, and Paul Rieckhoff. Watch the highlights from the panel below or continue down the page for footage of the full panel:

Highlights: Full panel discussion:

And here's more from the 92nd Street Y's 92Y blog.