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Arianna On 'Morning Joe': With Every Primary, Romney 'Seems Smaller And Less Presidential' (VIDEO)

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Arianna appeared Wednesday morning on MSNBC's "Morning Joe" to talk about the GOP primary process, as well as the potential for a second Obama term.

Discussing Mitt Romney's Tuesday night losses to Rick Santorum in Mississippi and Alabama, Arianna explained that "the base is just not that into him [Romney]. And wherever you have a preponderance of the base as you had in Alabama and Mississippi with white Evangelical Christians dominating the electorate and the turnout, it shows."

Expanding on Romney's campaign, she stated, "The way this campaign is being run, the fact that he's running against weak candidates, is really diminishing him. With every primary, he seems smaller and less presidential. And the issues he's covering seem less important to people's daily lives."

Arianna also showed the "Morning Joe" crew part of HuffPost's new satirical video featuring an interview with an Obama "strategist" who stresses the campaign's "long-game" approach. Explaining the motivation behind the video, Arianna said:

"At the Huffington Post we are going to be covering this campaign in two ways: one is relentlessly covering the campaign, and the second track is going to be covering Obama vs. Obama. Because really, what will determine the next 4 years is which Obama is going to get elected. Is it going to be the Obama of the speeches, you know, who inspires, who challenges the status quo? Or is it going to be the Obama who has governed the way he has governed? Which is basically settling for what he could do, settling for the easiest, and basically forgetting everything he said himself."

She concluded that because Obama will "most likely" be reelected, "we need to hold him accountable."


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