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Arianna Weighs In On The Senate Health Care Bill And The Challenges Ahead

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Arianna appeared on MSNBC's Countdown With Keith Olbermann on Monday to discuss news that the Senate's health care bill would include an opt-out public option for health insurance.

While Arianna considered the bill's inclusion of a public option to be a step in the right direction, she also pointed to the troubling aspects that remain in the legislation.

"There's is still a lot in the bill which is very troubling. There is the concession to Pharma, which means we cannot negotiate for lower prices because of economies of scale that the government has. There is the fact that the public option would only really reach about 10 million people. It would not affect anybody who already has insurance through their employer. And there is of course the opt out, which means that many, many, millions of people potentially, may not be able to have access to the public option. So there is a lot that is troubling, but it is definitely a step in the right direction with many road blocks remaining."

Arianna and Keith went on to discuss the possibility that Democratic Senators Blanche Lincoln of Arkansas and Ben Nelson of Nebraska may not support the Senate health care bill.


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