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Posted: December 17, 2010 05:47 PM

Howard Fineman appeared on "Hardball" Friday evening to discuss Obama's signing of the deal which will extend Bush-era tax cuts for the wealthy for two more years.

When asked about outgoing Speaker Nancy Pelosi's absence from the signing, Fineman explained that her failure to attend provides a strong representation of what the next few years will be like as the White House works alongside a Republican-controlled Congress. "The fact that she wasn't there, the symbolism of it today, means that going forward in the next couple of years, all the action--if there's going to be any--will be between this sort of freelancing president, off from his base, trying to deal with Republicans."

On another note, when Chris Matthews asked Fineman what genius named Michele Bachmann to the House Intelligence committee, Fineman replied simply, "I have no comeback."