09/07/2011 01:25 am ET | Updated Nov 06, 2011

Howard Fineman Discusses President Obama's Low Approval Numbers With Lawrence O'Donnell (VIDEO)

HuffPost's Howard Fineman, along with MSNBC Analyst Richard Wolffe, appeared Tuesday on MSNBC's 'The Last Word With Lawrence O'Donnell' to discuss President Obama's low approval numbers.

O'Donnell referenced a new NBC News / Wall Street Journal poll that shows Obama with "the lowest approval rating of his presidency." That particular poll showed 44% approval of Obama's job performance, and 51% disapproval of his job performance.

Speaking about Obama's strategy for the 2012 election, Fineman explained that "from having talked to Democrats both in the Obama camp and outside of it, I think it's clear that one thing the President has to do politically, aside from whatever he says in his jobs speech, is begin to make the case that the Republicans are just not the alternative, that they're too scary an alternative, that they in fact represent what's wrong with life in Washington D.C. more than he does."

Fineman said that a potential "silver lining" for Obama "is in the dismal numbers for Congress, half of which is run by the Republicans, and the fact that the Republicans don't seem to have much traction at all."

As reported earlier Tuesday, an Obama aide spoke with Fineman about the President's 2012 strategy. That story can be read here.


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