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HuffPostTV: Dan Froomkin Talks Mine Safety On C-SPAN (VIDEO)

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HuffPost Senior Washington Correspondent Dan Froomkin appeared on C-SPAN on Friday to discuss coal mine safety and a recent National Press Club appearance by Massey Energy CEO Don Blankenship, head of the company that owned the mine that exploded in April, killing 29 .

"This is the guy -- had it not been for the BP oil spill and BP CEO Tony Hayward -- would probably by the most hated CEO in America," Froomkin said of Blankenship. "And instead what you're gonna see is this soliloquy in self-love."

Froomkin continued, "There is overwhelming evidence that Massey Energy, which is Blankenship's company, in general, and the Upper Big Branch mine -- that exploded -- in particular, had wildly unsafe conditions for their miners in the name of increased production.

Blankenship gave an unapologetic speech before the Washington press corps Thursday, in which he expressed almost no regrets about the devastating mine disaster that took place earlier this year.

His one regret? Wishing that he had sued the federal Mine Safety and Health Administration earlier than he did.

Watch the video:

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