11/14/2010 03:48 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

HuffPost's Rob Fishman Discusses Strange Social Networks On MSNBC

HuffPost's Rob Fishman appeared on MSNBC Sunday to discuss the strange social networks on the web.

"Facebook has 500 million members," Fishman says, "but that doesn't mean it's for everyone." There are a host of other sites out there for people with unique interests, from knitters and crocheters to zombie lovers to women seeking breast implants.

Religious communities also thrive online. There's everything from MyChurch, which lets Christian churches create a social network for their parishioners, to Line For Heaven, in which users award "karma points" to "get closer to God."

"It's like that old website Hot Or Not, where you're choosing between two people " Fishman says, "but on the line here is eternal salvation."