Roy Sekoff On Christine O'Donnell's National Media Boycott (VIDEO)

09/22/2010 07:14 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

HuffPost editor Roy Sekoff appeared on "The Joy Behar Show" Wednesday to discuss Christine O'Donnell's boycott of national news outlets.

"Here's the shocker: I think it was a really smart move for her," Sekoff told the HLN host, arguing that Delaware's small voter pool makes victory possible even without big media exposure. "She doesn't play in a state like New York or California, where it's all about the TV ads ... but when she's on the block, if she's at the park, if she's at the barbecue, I think she's going to do very well."

Behar's other panelists trashed O'Donnell's connection to Sarah Palin and her various financial problems and alleged malfeasance, but Sekoff argued the latter could be a strength on the campaign trail.

"These days, if you say, 'I can't pay my bills, I just got kicked out of my house,' people say, 'I can relate to her!'" Sekoff said.