Roy Sekoff: HuffPost 'Supercharged' By AOL (VIDEO)

02/08/2011 12:16 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

HuffPost's progressive fans don't need to worry about the company's recent acquisition by AOL, editor Roy Sekoff confirmed during "The Ed Show" on Monday night.

"We are really not heading into this corporate maw," he told host Ed Schultz. "We're heading into a place where we're going to just be supercharged by AOL's scale and their resources and their global reach. But the Huffington Post brand ... will live on and, in fact, we'll now being overseeing all of the AOL content."

Schultz also raised questions about the variety of content and concerns about an emphasis on page views and clicks. As Sekoff pointed out, HuffPost now has 26 sections and doesn't have to chose just one topic.

"I reject that kind of 'it's either this or it's that,'" said Sekoff. "I consider myself, and the friends that I have, really passionate people who care about the world, care about making a difference. But we still like to talk about funny things. We still like to talk about who's going to win the Oscars. We still want to talk about who won the ball game. I think you can do both. If we were just this one narrow thing, 'all I'm going to do is talk about the debt ceiling,' that's going to be a very boring conversation."


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