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Posted: December 17, 2009 08:27 PM

Roy Sekoff Discusses Palin's Hawaiian Vacation On "The Joy Behar Show" (VIDEO)

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Huffington Post Editor Roy Sekoff appeared on HLN's The Joy Behar Show Thursday night. Talk Stoop's Cat Greenleaf and comedian Jessica Kirson joined Roy on Joy Behar's panel.

Among the topics up for discussion were Tiger Woods's continued drama, MTV's Jersey Shore and its cast of self-described "guidos," as well as Sarah Palin's McCain campaign visor, and Sen. Chuck Schumer's outburst at a flight attendant.

On vacation in Hawaii, Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin was spotted wearing a blue visor from the McCain-Palin presidential campaign. But Palin had made one important change to the hat--the letters were blacked out with permanent marker.

Palin said she blacked out the letters to fly under the radar and be "incognito," but Roy isn't buying it. "...I don't [believe her], because her t-shirt said 'this is America and if you don't love it, get the hell out'... so that's always a good way to be incognito."

"Here's the beautiful thing, Joy. Remember, she's in Hawaii. Last week, her father said that she went to school in Hawaii for only one semester then left because she wasn't comfortable with all the Asians and Pacific Islanders... but now, she's back in Hawaii. Maybe she feels more comfortable when they're serving her at a luxury hotel."

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