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Sam Stein On Soros, Obama And 2012 (VIDEO)

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Sam Stein dropped by "Countdown with Keith Olbermann" on Wednesday night to talk about the 2012 election and his story that George Soros is hedging on Barack Obama.

"I think the euphoria of 2008 and maybe parts of 2009 has clearly given way to the recognition that Democrats got their clocks rung in 2010 and they need to reboot," said Stein. "One of the things that Soros was trying to convey -- and his aides stress that it wasn't the need for a primary challenge -- was that there needs to be a bit more of an agressive stance that the party takes when they are being distorted by Republicans, and if the White House isn't willing to do it (fight those battles) then he's willing to spend money and put it toward institutions that will do it."


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