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Scott Horton Discusses Guantanamo Wrong-Doing On Countdown With Keith Olbermann (VIDEO)

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The Defense Department's conclusion that three prisoner deaths in Guantanamo Bay were suicide doesn't appear to pass muster after a report issued on Monday by Seton Hall.

Law professor Mark Denbeaux supervised the study and was interviewed for the Huffington Post by Scott Horton, a contributing editor at Harper's Magazine, lawyer, and adjunct professor at Columbia Law School.

Horton appeared on Countdown with Keith Olbermann later on Monday to discuss the interview and why the new Seton Hall report doesn't assert that these deaths were murders, despite strong evidence that might point to that conclusion.

The Seton Hall report does show that "the military investigation was profoundly flawed," Horton explained. It indicates that prisoners were found hung with their hands and feet bound, and rags stuffed deep into their throats. The effort was actually an examination into the military's own report, and concludes that "we need a new, serious investigation."