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Vatican says ex-envoy, charged with sexual abuse, has died

August 28, 2015 04:27 AM EST | AP

VATICAN CITY (AP) — The Vatican says its former ambassador to the Dominican Republic, who has been charged by church prosecutors with sexually abusing children in the Caribbean country, has died of apparent natural causes.

A statement from the Vatican said Jozef Wesolowski was found dead in his Vatican room early Friday. The Vatican prosecutor ordered an immediate autopsy.

Malaysians gear up for street rallies urging Najib to quit

August 28, 2015 04:19 AM EST | AP

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia (AP) — Malaysian activists are putting more pressure on embattled Prime Minister Najib Razak to resign with major street rallies this weekend following allegations of suspicious money transfers into his accounts.

Najib has been fighting for political survival after leaked documents in July showed he received some $700 million in his private accounts from entities linked to indebted state fund 1MDB. He later said the money was a donation from the Middle East, not from 1MDB.

Libya collects victims' bodies from latest migrant disaster

August 28, 2015 04:25 AM EST | AP

ZUWARA, Libya (AP) — An Associated Press photographer at the scene of the latest migrant disaster says authorities are collecting the bodies of migrants who drowned off the Libyan coastal city of Zuwara.

Authorities were loading bodies in orange bags onto the back of a pickup truck. Workers were seen removing bodies that were floating in the water.

Attorneys for Robin Williams' wife, children

August 28, 2015 04:06 AM EST | AP

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Attorneys for Robin Williams' wife and children were due back in court Friday in the ongoing fight over the late actor's estate.

The two sides were scheduled to go before a San Francisco judge, as court documents indicate they remain at odds over the division of Williams' personal items and a reserve fund to maintain Susan Williams in the home she shared with Robin Williams.

Japan requires companies to set goals in hiring female execs

August 28, 2015 04:03 AM EST | AP

TOKYO (AP) — Japanese lawmakers have approved a law requiring large companies to set and publicize targets for hiring or promoting women as managers.

The law approved Friday by a vote of 230-1 in the House of Councillors is intended to promote greater gender equality and counter labor shortages that are arising as Japan's population ages and declines.

Austrian official: Death toll of migrants found in truck left on highway rises to more than 70

August 28, 2015 03:59 AM EST | AP



Million gallons of wastewater closes another beach in Hawaii

August 28, 2015 03:57 AM EST | AP

HONOLULU (AP) — For the second time in a week a popular Hawaii beach was closed after sewage from a treatment plant was discharged into the ocean.

A million gallons of treated but not yet disinfected wastewater was discharged from the East Honolulu Wastewater Treatment plant, closing Sandy Beach and its surroundings. Thursday's closure comes a day after beaches near Waikiki were reopened following a similar issue.

Attorneys for Robin Williams' wife, children

August 28, 2015 03:47 AM EST | AP

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Attorneys for Robin Williams' wife and children were due back in court Friday in the ongoing fight over the late actor's estate.

The two sides were scheduled to go before a San Francisco judge, as court documents indicate they remain at odds over the division of Williams' personal items and a reserve fund to maintain Susan Williams in the home she shared with Robin Williams.

Asylum-seeker home in Germany firebombed; no injuries

August 28, 2015 03:32 AM EST | AP

BERLIN (AP) — Police say a petrol bomb was thrown through a window at an asylum-seekers' home in a town in northwestern Germany, starting a small fire but injuring none of the residents.

Police spokesman Jens Petersen told the dpa news agency Friday that a mattress and a rug caught fire in the attack overnight on the school building in Salzhemmendorf that had been converted to house some 30 asylum seekers. The blaze was quickly extinguished.

FOTOS AP: Vochos reviven entre aficionados mexicanos

August 28, 2015 03:31 AM EST | AP

MEXICO (AP) — Cuando el gobierno de la Ciudad de México retiró al último taxi Volkswagen Beetle en 2012, envió la mayoría de los envejecidos autos, comúnmente conocidos como "vochos", a desguazar.

Pero algunos de los Beetles, tanto ex taxis como autos particulares, han encontrado una segunda vida en manos de aficionados como Mario Anaya. El restauró el sedán 1994 de su padre en un vehículo que él llama "pejelagarto" por su color verde metálico.

2 French journalists arrested in blackmail of Moroccan king

August 28, 2015 03:28 AM EST | AP

PARIS (AP) — The Paris prosecutor's office and a lawyer for Morocco's King Mohammed VI say two French journalists have been arrested in France for allegedly trying to blackmail the monarch.

The prosecutor's office said the two, Eric Laurent and Catherine Graciet, remained in detention Friday.

Trump proposals risk deepening GOP rift on immigration

August 28, 2015 03:24 AM EST | AP

WASHINGTON (AP) — Donald Trump has exposed anew the deep rift inside the Republican Party on immigration, a break between its past and the country's future that the party itself has said it must bridge if the GOP ever hopes to win back the White House.

As they headed into the 2016 election, Republicans thought they had a strategy for moving past their immigration woes. Outlined in a so-called "autopsy" of 2012 nominee Mitt Romney's loss to President Barack Obama, it called for passing "comprehensive immigration reform" — shorthand for resolving the status of the estimated 11 million people living in the country illegally.

Walker says he would aggressively confront Islamic terrorism

August 28, 2015 03:22 AM EST | AP

COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) — Republican presidential candidate Scott Walker says the United States under his leadership would aggressively confront what he describes as "evil" and "radical Islamic terrorism."

The Wisconsin governor plans to lay out his foreign policy agenda Friday in a speech at The Citadel, a military college in the early-voting state of South Carolina.

Things to know: EPA water rules take effect in some states

August 28, 2015 03:19 AM EST | AP

WASHINGTON (AP) — New federal rules to protect smaller streams, tributaries and wetlands took effect on Friday — but only in some states.

A federal court ruling Thursday, hours before the rules were to go into effect, blocked the regulations in 13 states. Those states had sued the Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, arguing that the rules are federal overreach and could be costly and confusing for landowners.

Obama to speak with Jewish groups on Iran deal

August 28, 2015 03:15 AM EST | AP

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama is using a Friday webcast to try to allay concerns from Jewish communities about the nuclear agreement with Iran.

Obama will deliver remarks about the agreement and take questions from participants. The webcast is being organized by two major Jewish organizations that have held similar events with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz.

Clinton quietly trying to discourage Biden from a 2016 bid

August 28, 2015 03:16 AM EST | AP

WASHINGTON (AP) — In ways both subtle and blunt, Hillary Rodham Clinton's campaign is sending a message to Vice President Joe Biden about his potential presidential campaign: This won't be easy.

As Biden ponders a challenge to Clinton for the Democratic nomination, she has rolled out a string of high-profile endorsements in the early voting contests of Iowa and South Carolina and scheduled an onslaught of fundraisers across the country — all part of the effort to throw cold water on a possible Biden bid.

LEADING OFF: Orioles CF Jones gets checked, Kershaw starts

August 28, 2015 03:11 AM EST | AP

A look at what's happening all around the major leagues today:


Diamondbacks come up short in 8th, fall 5-3 to Cardinals

August 28, 2015 02:53 AM EST | AP

PHOENIX (AP) — Just when the Arizona Diamondbacks had played themselves back into some degree of contention in the NL West, the St. Louis Cardinals arrived in town and grounded that momentum to a halt.

Brandon Moss and Tony Cruz homered and Seth Maness pitched the Cardinals out of a no-out, bases-loaded jam in the eighth inning of a 5-3 win for St. Louis on Thursday night. The Cardinals left the desert with a four-game series sweep.

India's polluted waters cleanse spirits at Hindu festival

August 28, 2015 02:46 AM EST | AP

NASIK, India (AP) — It's just water, and far from the cleanest you could find. Raw sewage often flows in the Godavari River, bringing with it high bacteria levels. Residue from sand mining can cloud the water. Farm pesticides leech through the soil.

But to the millions of Hindus expected at the Kumbh Mela festival, held this year along the Godavari, touching that water is reverential. It's a way to cleanse themselves of sin, to come close to God, to immerse themselves in a tradition that reaches back into antiquity. They have come to this city from across India and around the world. Entire villages arrive together, and their parties often last through the nights. Thousands of mystics gather.

A list of the NFL's safety rules regarding QBs

August 28, 2015 02:45 AM EST | AP

The NFL rules applicable to the quarterback as a runner include:

1. When a quarterback runs an option and keeps the ball, he is a runner. He has none of the special protections given to a passer. Normal unnecessary roughness rules apply.

A look at Serena Williams' possible path to true Grand Slam

August 28, 2015 02:43 AM EST | AP

Shortly after the draw for the U.S. Open set up Serena Williams' path to completing a Grand Slam, she offered her own analysis.

"It's not anything simple or easy to go through," Williams said.

Pérez es 16ta en marcha, mejor marca de Ecuador en mundial

August 28, 2015 02:38 AM EST | AP

BEIJING (AP) — Paola Pérez se inició en la marcha a los 11 años y 14 después se consagró como la mejor ecuatoriana de la historia en un Mundial de Atletismo, al acabar 16ta en la prueba de 20 kilómetros disputada el viernes en Beijing.

En una jornada húmeda y calurosa, Pérez acabó la exigente carrera en 16ta posición con un crono de 1 hora, 32 minutos y 12 segundos. Muy por delante quedó la campeona del mundo china Hong Liu, con 1:27:45, pero la marca le sirve para firmar la mejor clasificación histórica de su país en el apartado femenino. Hasta ahora el mérito era para la vallista Nancy Vallecilla, que había alcanzado las semifinales de los 100 metros vallas en Roma 1987.

Spieth tries to make the cut and stay No. 1

August 28, 2015 02:33 AM EST | AP

EDISON, N.J. (AP) — In his first tournament at No. 1 in the world, Jordan Spieth posted his worst score in three months with a 74.

Bubba Watson saw the whole thing at The Barclays and offered a simple explanation.

Sanders missing second straight summer of work

August 28, 2015 02:31 AM EST | AP

ENGLEWOOD, Colo. (AP) — For the second straight year, Pro Bowl receiver Emmanuel Sanders is missing a good chuck of training camp with a leg injury.

Last year, it was a strained thigh that sidelined him for a week and a-half. This time, it's a pulled right hamstring.

With 4 starters back, K-State to lean on offensive line

August 28, 2015 02:26 AM EST | AP

MANHATTAN, Kan. (AP) — Offensive lineman Cody Whitehair looks back on the way Kansas State ran the ball last year, especially in critical games late in the season, and can't help but feel accountable.

"We were kind of embarrassed with our run game," Whitehair said. "We really took it to heart. Going back and looking at film, we have a lot of room to improve."