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'The Glee Project' ends with a twist

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ALICIA RANCILIO | August 22, 2011 07:09 AM EST | AP

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NEW YORK — If the creators of "Glee" are looking for new faces to bring into the fold then they've found it with "The Glee Project."

Nineteen-year-old Samuel Larsen from Los Angeles and 18-year-old Damian McGinty of Derry City, Ireland, both won the inaugural season of the talent competition show where they each get a seven-episode arc on "Glee."

Larsen, a rocker with dreadlocks, was described as having a "cool, indy, rock spirit" that has been missing from the hit Fox show

The judges believed McGinty, however, was the most likable and most improved.

The show put 12 contestants through a "Glee" bootcamp where they were critiqued on their singing, dancing and acting throughout the 10-week series.

The other finalists, Lindsay Pearce, 20, and Alex Newell, 18, didn't go home losers. The show's co-creator Ryan Murphy was so impressed he decided to write them into two episodes of the show.

"Glee" returns for its new season in September.