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The Associated Press | November 6, 2012 03:02 AM EST | AP

"I've come back to Iowa one more time to ask for your vote. This is where our movement for change began." – President Barack Obama in a speech to 20,000 supporters at an outdoor rally in Des Moines, the last of his campaign.


"It's all your votes and your work right here in New Hampshire that will help me become the next president of the United States." – Mitt Romney in a speech to a capacity crowd at the 10,000-seat Verizon Wireless Arena on the final full day of campaigning.


"It's not going to be a simple task. It's going to be one of the most complicated and long-term recovery efforts in U.S. history." – Mark Merritt, president of Witt Associates, a Washington crisis management consulting firm in a statement as Government leaders turn their attention to the next crisis unfolding in the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy: finding housing for potentially tens of thousands of people left homeless.