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Quotations of the day

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The Associated Press | November 29, 2012 03:02 AM EST | AP

"I'll go anywhere and I'll do whatever it takes to get this done ... It's too important for Washington to screw this up." – President Barack Obama in reference to avoiding the year-end "fiscal cliff" that threatens to send the economy into a tailspin..


"You have relentless pressure that consumers put on retailers and that retailers put on their suppliers to deliver lower and lower prices. And that pressure is a key reason why you see factories cutting corners." – Josh Green, chief executive of a company that tracks shipments for factories outside the U.S., speaking about why several U.S. retailers might not have known their clothing was coming from a Bangladesh factory where 112 people were killed in a fire.


"You go to bed at night wishing you wake up a millionaire." – Philadelphia seafood salesman Billy Fulginiti after he bought 50 Powerball tickets with co-workers and a few more with a small group.