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Quotation of the Day

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The Associated Press | September 9, 2013 04:43 AM EST | AP

"It is not Iraq, Afghanistan or Libya. This is a very concerned, concentrated, limited effort that we can carry out and that can underscore and secure our interests." -- White House chief of staff Denis McDonough making a case for a military strike on Syria.


"Not only was he able to revive the NAACP and raise its budget to higher heights, he joined us in the streets in real civil rights activity on the ground. From the `suites to the streets,' he will be missed ... but I am sure he will not leave us in his contribution to the struggle." -- Rev. Al Sharpton on the resignation of NAACP President Benjamin Jealous.


"It's going to be a part of your visit to Las Vegas if you ride it or not. It's more or less impossible not to see it if you come here." -- David Codga, project director on the construction of the World's largest Ferris wheel in Las Vegas.