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Toys making all the hot toys list

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The Associated Press | September 18, 2013 01:14 PM EST | AP

Toys sellers are gearing up for the holiday season: Wal-Mart Stores, Kmart and Toys R Us have all come out with their "hot" toy lists. While no one can predict which toys will spark crazes, a few toys have made all three lists. Here's a look at which toys are retailer favorites early in the season:

_ Hasbro's Big Hugs Elmo from Hasbro, $59.99: Ever since Tickle Me Elmo became a craze in 1996, an iteration of Elmo usually pops up on annual holiday lists. This year's version, Big Hugs Elmo, is a cuddly version that sings and talks with bendable arms that give out hugs to tots.

_ Doc McStuffins Get Better Check Up Center from Just Play, $95. The character from the Disney Junior show is about a girl who wants to be a doctor and fixes toys and dolls, which come to life when she puts on her stethoscope. The Get Better Check Up Center is a playset that has lights and sounds and medical equipment toys like a reflex hammer and scale. Toys R Us has an exclusive version for $79.99 that includes a Lambie doll and lab coat.

_ Sofia the First. Another Disney Junior character, Sofia becomes a princess at age 7 when her mother marries a king. Retailers each have a different Sofia the First toy on their hot lists: Wal-Mart is featuring the Talking Sofia doll and Animal Friends Playset for $32.88; Kmart is featuring Jakks Pacific's Transforming Dress and Trunk as an exclusive; and Toys R Us is featuring a Jakks Pacific royal talking vanity for $79.99.

_ Flutterbye Flying Fairy from Spin Master. The $29.99 doll floats in the air after a button on the display is pressed. Kids can direct the doll using their hand.