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Jon Hamm on vocal cords: 'I'm fine'

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NICOLE EVATT | September 26, 2013 11:58 PM EST | AP

WEST HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — "Mad Men" star Jon Hamm says he's "fine" despite an upcoming procedure to remove a polyp on his vocal cord.

In an interview Thursday, a raspy sounding Hamm said the "simple injury" was from overuse of his voice. "Because I talk a lot," he added.

Besides the polyp, the 42-year-old actor insisted that he's "healthy as a horse."

Hamm's publicist Erica Gray said he will undergo a routine outpatient procedure.

Up next Hamm stars opposite Daniel Radcliffe in the miniseries, "A Young Doctor's Notebook," premiering Oct. 2 on Ovation.

It is based on a collection of short stories by Russian playwright Mikhail Bulgakov.

Hamm described the series, which originally aired in the U.K., as "darkly comic," "gory" and "fun."




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AP Television Writer Lynn Elber contributed to this report.