05/17/2015 10:54 pm ET | Updated May 17, 2016

10 Amazing Nature Accounts to Follow on Instagram

It is said that nature has answers to all because if we really observe it, we will find everything - from the charm of a butterfly flapping its wings to the poem of sunset. But even though our eyes are only capable of appreciating nature briefly, there are people who have the ability to capture images of nature and transform them into something everlasting thanks to their photography. Find out who shoots the best of nature and gives it to us in its best version on Instagram. Let's have a look.

A photo posted by Alex Strohl (@alexstrohl) on

From the lakes and the snow in Vancouver to the national parks in California, photographer
@alexstrokl transports us to a universe where what's natural invades and fills us with sensations. From the greatest freedom to the highest awareness, his photographs tend to transcend what our eyes can see.

A photo posted by Oliver Vegas (@ovunno) on

Sports, trips, stories and narration with some photography which is full of natural landscapes from every corner of the world. That's what the Spanish photographer @ovunno shows us with his photography, which does not only take us around Spain but, also to the most beautiful places on the planet. An ideal feed to captivate our eyesight.

A photo posted by Samuel Taipale (@eljackson) on

It is said that seeing is not the same as looking. While many of us usually see, it looks as though the Finnish photographer @eljackson was always looking, observing, transmitting and especially, moving about nature. From the immense and colourful ice to horizons which introduce us to hypnotizing abyss. This photographer transforms nature into art.

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