03/09/2015 01:51 pm ET | Updated May 09, 2015

The 10 Most Hilarious Dogs on Instagram

They are loving, funny, and above all, adorable. They are the most famous and spoiled dogs in the Instagram community. Nevertheless, a huge doubt remains... are these dogs the most creative in the animal world or do their owners accountable for such thing?
Every image will awaken a smile or a roar of laughter depending on the situation. These 10 instagrammers lay their canine creativity close at hand.

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Norm is a 3 year-old pug which dazzles us with alternative looks and faces. Norm is the precursor of dog-selfies and he's one of the most spoiled in the Instagram community.

Maddie is the most famous dog on Instagram. She has been to many countries in her owner's company. This traveling couple will astonish you since they're two good friends teaching the world about their journeys and adventures.

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Like the glance of Puss in Boots in the film Shrek, Momo makes little faces which ask for compassion, tenderness and strokes. We can witness his adventures in the snow or his morning strolls. Like Wally in his books, Momo hides behind photographs and invites us to play "find Momo".
Haven't you found him between so many soft toys yet?

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