04/06/2015 01:32 pm ET | Updated Jun 06, 2015

The Urbex Trend Took Over Instagram

Artists have started to explore new areas which are away from urban or industrial hubs, or areas which are abandoned. This trend is starting to gather momentum due to artist's search for places where they can show a different perspective. Find out who they are.

It's like Indiana Jones in Raiders of the Lost Ark, however, the scenery is more alternative. This urban exploration, also called Urbex or UE, aims to show the places which have been forgotten, lost or abandoned. It's about strolling along the city in search of architectural and visual treasures in order to publish them through a good photograph.

Industrial areas, abandoned factories, empty hospitals, uninhabited buildings in addition to the places we see every day but shown from a very special viewpoint. It also means running risks, snooping around where nobody does, peering into those forbidden or unused places. The UE tries to highlight the beauty of the places above and for the last years, Instagram has become the ideal stage for artists who are trying to consolidate this style in photography.

The Urbex photographers' creativity impresses us because they have a completely different perspective to that which our eyes are used to. As a result, if you don't want to miss this new trend, we're showing you the 10 instagrammers who you can't be oblivious of.

A photo posted by @ecolephoto on

The classic London clouds invade @ecolephoto's photographs, which portray the city from the most unimaginable perspective. The skyscrapers and the streets abound in this urban photographer's work, which dips into the railway tracks to show us a London which we are not used to.

A photo posted by trash (@trashhand) on

A lit up darkness of the underground tracks in Paris, that's what @trashhand shows us but this photography highlights an Urbex concept: showing the bright side of the dark one, showing the wonderful aspects of the forgotten places. Giving life to what it is now uninhabited is maybe the most amazing aspect of this photographic style, which @trashhand recreates perfectly.

A photo posted by @mattdoscher on

Bridges, ways, railway tracks. If @mattdoscher shows us anything, it is that everything is necessary to move forward and to walk and explore. As it is said, many times, the way is more beautiful than the destination itself and @mattdoscher's photography does justice to the height of roads. Enjoy the ride.

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