02/11/2006 04:07 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

The Silent Minority

Like diehard fans of a perennially losing team, progressives continue to fume in frustration and flagellate themselves over the fecklessness of the Democratic opposition that can't seem to find a voice in the face of manifestly corrupt and corrosive Republican misrule. With nine months left
before a make-or-break election, a disgruntled majority of Americans are unlikely to step into the Democrat's big tent as long as the ringmasters are the same old professional election losers and the performers second-rate impersonators. As for the disgusted and exasperated party activists, while
their complaints are justified, they are not likely to inspire hope with anger or encourage change with alienation.

A few nights ago I attended an event to meet a Democrat running for the U.S. Senate, hoping to capture one of the Republican's most vulnerable seats. If the Democrats could take back the Senate that would give them the subpoena power to delve below the tip of the iceberg to find out what the
criminally secretive Bush regime has really been up to in the past six years. Instead of conducting oversight, the Republicans in Congress have used their majority power to stonewall and cover up for Bush, although to be fair, they did hold hearing investigating steroids in sports.

Alas the candidate's new broom did not sweep me off my feet. While the rank and file in attendance were energized, determined and ready to pound the precincts, the candidate seemed stuck like John Kerry in '04, trying to inspire while being cautious. This was particularly apparent in the Q&A
following the speech when most questions were about Iraq, and while they were for and against getting out, the questions were thoughtful and informed. But here again it was painfully obvious the Democrats, with the exception of Jack Murtha, are incoherent on the war, just like they were in
the last election. It is mind-numbing that the issue Bush is most vulnerable on, his Iraq disaster, is still off the table.

How could the Democrats have made Bush's mistake their problem? They are giving the worst President in U.S. history a free pass, and instead of junior taking responsibility for his monumental mistake, the Democrats are. Why are they buying into this pseudo-strategic neo-moralistic blather that we can't afford to pull out and leave a mess behind? This is like rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic after it's struck the iceberg. Why are they trying to sell the non-starter that we have to bring our allies in? Our friends who tried to warn us don't want to touch this dead armadillo, Iraq is Bush's road-kill for him alone to remove.

Just because W's in denial, that doesn't mean we have to pour more lives and treasure into his black hole. The truth about Iraq is that it's so much worse than the public realizes or the press reports. So much worse than Vietnam ever was. Saigon was an open city compared to what Baghdad is, where all but the suicidal are holed up in the Green Zone.

Shame on the Democrats for buying into the canard that some how facing reality is undermining the troops on the front line. It was Bush, against his own father's council, who put America's finest in harm's way, based on a pack of lies, with insufficient forces, inadequate body and vehicle armor
and without an exit strategy. He's not only undermining the boys and girls in uniform, he's destroying the Armed Forces and turning the lone superpower into a paper tiger.

Bush say's he's made the tough decisions, but they were dead wrong. He got rid of a minor thug and rewarded a theocratic regime the disaffected Iranian majority had on the ropes until we blundered into Iraq, undercutting the opposition and strengthening the fundamentalists who long ago declared war
on us, having killed our Marines and diplomats with impunity. Not only has Bush handed Iraq to Iran, the mullahs will have control of more of the oil we are addicted to while their determination to build nuclear weapons risks U.N. sanctions, invites Israeli preemption and provides an excuse for a White House "October surprise".

Somebody has to step up to the plate and hold these incompetents in the White House responsible for the reckless endangerment of the United States. Somebody has to take charge and face reality. Iraq will get worse before it gets better, but it surely will cost us more than the untold billions we've
already wasted to drag out the agony, lying to ourselves that we are making the best of a bad situation. Bush is making a bad situation worse and we have to stop him before he starts another war to win an election.