Time to Make Christmas a 'Much Better Friday'

Christmas should always fall on Friday. Just like our whimsical recognitions of the beginnings of our very own American genocide are annual Thursday Thanksgivings.

How could a yearly three-day Christmas weekend not be preferred? Look, nobody who knows anything actually believes December 25 was the literal date when Jesus was born (This assumes He existed at all; in that debate I take no side--I'm just keeping an open mind). After all, how many other older, non-Christian, Jesus-like gods were also said to be born December 25? The Holy Bible lists no height, weight or date of birth, but apparently it drops sufficient hints about the season, etc., that we know Biblical-Jesus was not born any time real close to December 25.

Now let's go over some details. If "Good Friday" celebrates Jesus' crucifixion, then I think from now on, "Much Better Friday" shall mark His birth and be observed on the fourth Friday of December (keep it in late December so we'll still have a reason for the traditional holiday season/young fiscal year). And a Much Better Friday rather than any floating day of the week is a pragmatic no-brainer. For that matter, New Year's Day will pull the same stunt and be legally observed the following Friday, calendar be damned.

Because It's not the almanac that matters. The point of Christmas is to celebrate Jesus' birth (OK, not really, in this Hallmark Holiday to end all others). Whenever it was. So there is absolutely no good logical -- or theological -- reason Christmas needs to be December 25.