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iJustine (A.K.A Justine Ezarik) is a one-woman new media phenomenon: Techie, Gamer, Vlogger, and Digital Influencer. She is one of the top personalities on YouTube amassing over 3 million subscribers across her channels, more than 1.5 million Twitter followers and has garnered more than 440 million views on her vides. In the same month Justine was named one of the Hollywood Reports 50 Most powerful digital players as well as one of Maxim Magazine's Hot 100. A popular brand ambassador, Justine has worked with top brands from Mattel, Nikon, Ford, GE, Doritos, Taco Bell, Samsung, AOL, and Carl's Jr. and has been featured in numerous magazine and publcations from The Chicago Tribune to Fast Company and Maxim Magazine. In 2012, she was ranked the 6th most influential personality by The Daily Beast's Digital power index, amongst the rankings of Lady Gaga and ouTube co-founder Chad Hurley. This same year, Justine appeared in the television campaign, directed by Guy Richie, for Activision's Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, the fastest-selling video game in history!

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Entries by iJustine

Going Inside Call of Duty's Advanced Warfare

(0) Comments | Posted July 30, 2014 | 11:20 AM

It has been an awesome second season of Hardwired and I'm back for one last bonus episode! In this bonus episode of Hardwired 2.0, I got to travel to the set of one of my favorite video games ever -- CALL OF DUTY!

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Are Camera Drones the Future of Filmmaking?

(1) Comments | Posted July 23, 2014 | 4:57 PM

Movie magic is undeniable and production used to be limited to giant studios with massive budgets. In the final episode of Hardwired 2.0 I explore how technology is helping to make the creation and distribution of your own movie easier and more affordable.

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How I Used Instragram to Buy a New Outfit

(0) Comments | Posted July 16, 2014 | 11:04 AM

You all know how absolutely obsessed I am with social media. In this week's episode of Hardwired 2.0 I show off a few of my favorite apps I use every day that allow me to communicate and stay connected with the world.


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Look Inside a High Tech Smart Home

(0) Comments | Posted July 9, 2014 | 5:46 PM

Technology is around us everyday to make our lives easier and the efficiency that comes with a smart home...

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Never Lose Your Luggage (& Other Travel Gadgets to Keep You Sane)

(1) Comments | Posted July 2, 2014 | 11:49 AM

You all know I lead a busy life and I travel a lot -- I was even in Iceland earlier this year! In this week's episode of Hardwired 2.0 I got to test out some travel tech gadgets on my...

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Get Your Head in the Game - Motion Capture Tech

(0) Comments | Posted June 25, 2014 | 4:50 PM

Everyone knows I love playing videogames! I'm used to playing them but not actually being in them. In this week's episode of Hardwired 2.0 I went behind the scenes of gaming tech and learned how virtual characters are brought to life.


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Laser, Zap, Repeat: Beauty Tech

(0) Comments | Posted June 18, 2014 | 3:47 PM

On the quest for beauty people will try just about anything. There are so many tech gadgets out there now -- how do you know if they actually work? In this week's episode of Hardwired 2.0 I tested out some new products and made...

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3D Print This: Prosthetic Hands & Couture Dresses

(2) Comments | Posted June 11, 2014 | 1:41 PM

The 3D printing revolution is here! In this week's episode of Hardwired 2.0 watch me tour

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Diamonds and Tech Are a Girl's Best Friend

(0) Comments | Posted June 4, 2014 | 3:22 PM

If diamonds are a girl's best friend then Smart Jewelry is mine! In this week's episode of Hardwired I tested out some high tech smart jewelry that is both chic and functional.

I started off by visiting Martin Katz at his...

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Breaking a Sweat in the Name of Technology

(0) Comments | Posted May 29, 2014 | 12:33 PM

Hey Hardwired fans! This week we are promoting the second episode of my series Hardwired 2.0. Watch me try out some new workouts while testing out the latest in Performance Tech!

First, I visited Cirque School in Los Angeles to give trapeze and aerial fabric workouts...

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Back for a Second Season: Hardwired 2.0

(0) Comments | Posted May 22, 2014 | 5:41 PM


Hardwired 2.0 is here! Join me for a second season profiling some of the hottest tech trends across the nation. This season I am going beyond wearable technology and showcasing a huge range of new gadgets: everything from beauty tech to...

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My New Show Is ON! Watch Me Get HardWired!

(5) Comments | Posted May 15, 2013 | 2:35 PM

It's finally here... What the world of wearable tech has been waiting for!! Get HardWired and join me on my tech adventure across America as I explore the coolest and most futuristic tech gadgets, styles, accessories, and experiences that are paving the way for the most exciting and...

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New York Gets HardWired

(1) Comments | Posted May 8, 2013 | 3:06 PM

Hey Everyone! This is my first Huffington Post blog, I'm so excited to be a part of the Huffington Post family. I had a sleep deprived but awesome experience in New York last week.

I announced my new show at the AOL Newfronts, Hardwired, where I check out the latest innovations and future implications of wearable technology. I also got to hang with some other awesome AOL partners like Sarah Jessica Parker, Nicole Richie, Max Lugavere, Baratunde Thurston, and Tiffany Shlain. I'm so excited for what AOL has in story this year!

I write this as we are shooting another episode this week and we will be launching in the coming weeks. Check out the trailer here, and follow my new show on twitter.

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