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Ilana Rapp
Ilana Rapp is a media-savvy Generation Xer with instinctive wit, quick humor and a taste for deep human emotions. As a former (child) actress with Broadway, film and television credits, she is adept at, well, lots of things. She currently blogs on The Huffington Post and writes entertainment pieces for NYCastings. She is a huge fan of the television show V. Ask her why her favorite number is 22. Follow Ilana on Twitter @LizardLadyNJ.

Entries by Ilana Rapp

Boston's Boy Sammy Adams Discusses His New Album The Long Way

(0) Comments | Posted July 22, 2016 | 4:59 PM

Sammy Adams' Twitter and Website.
Photo credit: Byron Banasiak.

Known as Boston's Boy, Sammy Adams burst onto the music scene in 2009 with his hit remix "I Hate College." As a multi-talented artist, singer, and producer, Sammy...

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Actor Tim Boardman Stars in the Indie Film MILES

(0) Comments | Posted July 15, 2016 | 9:23 PM

Tim Boardman has the lead role in the Indie film MILES. The film premieres on July 16th at OUTFEST in LA. #milesthemovie , #OutfestLA
Tim Boardman's Twitter, Instagram.
Photo by Spencer Kohn.

Now Tim Boardman...

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Teenaged Sneakerhead Anthony Debrant Invites You to View His Online Sneaker Business SneakMart

(0) Comments | Posted July 12, 2016 | 11:53 AM

SneakMart's Website, Twitter and Facebook.

Who is this 17 year old kid from France named Anthony Debrant? He's a Sneakerhead who has taken it to the next level, that's who!

A Sneakerhead is...

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Brooke Mason: Celebrity Photographer, Feminist & Fashion Gal

(0) Comments | Posted July 9, 2016 | 12:25 PM

Brooke Mason's Twitter & Website.

Brooke Mason takes riveting photos which literally pierce right through me. She somehow gets her subjects eyes to sparkle, every time.

But that's just on the outside. Once you delve into Brooke's...

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Actress Paulina Singer of OITNB & Dead of Summer Has Something to Say About Mother Earth

(0) Comments | Posted June 21, 2016 | 1:00 PM

Paulina Singer stars in the upcoming Freeform series Dead of Summer premiering June 28th and can be seen in Netflix's Season 4 of Orange is the New Black.
Paulina Singer's Website & Twitter.
Photo by...
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Actor Ben Patterson Of Oprah Winfrey's Greenleaf Tells Us What It's Like To Be A Sex Symbol

(0) Comments | Posted June 20, 2016 | 5:50 PM

Ben Patterson plays Noah Kendall in Oprah Winfrey's Greenleaf. Watch the two-night series premiere June 21-22.
Ben Patterson's Website, Twitter & Instagram.

An Oakland native, Ben Patterson grew up in a diverse neighborhood...

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Friends - I'll share my Sonic the Hedgehog With You! Mmmm...Nope!

(0) Comments | Posted June 20, 2016 | 2:04 PM

Sonic turns 25 years old on June 23rd! Sonic the Hedgehog has been one of the world's biggest gaming icons, with 70 video game titles, five animated series, and an extensive global merchandising line to his name.
Sonic the Hedgehog's Website...
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Mike Houston Is On Guard Duty in Netflix's 'Orange Is the New Black' - Season 4

(0) Comments | Posted June 13, 2016 | 3:58 PM


Mike Houston's Website, Twitter & Instagram.

Photo by David Johnson.

If you're reading this, then I already know that you won't be getting much sleep this weekend. On June 17th (somewhere...

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Madeleine Coghlan of Radio Disney's Maddy and Chase Talks Tribeca Film Festival

(0) Comments | Posted June 8, 2016 | 11:11 PM

View the trailer for Madeleine's latest film, Holidays, with Kevin Smith and Seth Green.
Madeleine Coghlan's Instagram.

You know what I like about actress Madeleine Coghlan? She's honest about her age.

Oftentime I see actors who give...

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Former WWE Diva Karlee Perez Returns To Season 3 Of Lucha Underground

(0) Comments | Posted June 8, 2016 | 3:48 PM

Karlee Perez's Twitter & Instagram.

If you're into wrestling, then you for sure have heard of Karlee Perez.

I used to watch wrestling all the time when I was a kid. I'm talking back in the...

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Six Things You Didn't Know About Devious Maids' Hottest New Star, Sol Rodriguez

(0) Comments | Posted June 8, 2016 | 2:59 PM

Sol Rodriguez's Twitter & Instagram.
Photo by Bobby Quillard.

It's pouring rain here in New York today, so this interview with Sol Rodriguez came through just at the right time. We need a little sun in our...

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Owen Smith - TV's Kinda' Busiest Sarcastic Funny Man is Actually Married

(0) Comments | Posted June 8, 2016 | 6:41 AM

Owen Smith's Website & Twitter.
Photo by Benjo Arwas.

Oh, this guy Owen Smith is good. Maybe even better than me (but I doubt that.)

When I was a frosh in college at The State University of...

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What REALLY Went Down at Stomp the Monster, the Event to Help Cancer Patients and Their Families

(0) Comments | Posted June 5, 2016 | 11:38 PM

Stomp the Monster 5k Run and Festival 2016.
Video of some runners.
Stomp the Monster Website & Twitter.
Photo by Lisa Lewis.

You know how I love to write about events that are kid friendly?...

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Young Performer Jade Pettyjohn of Nickelodeon's School of Rock is in New Film with Katee Sackhoff

(0) Comments | Posted June 4, 2016 | 10:31 AM

Jade Pettyjohn plays Bird in the upcoming film Girl Flu, opposite Jeremy Sisto and Katee Sackhoff, premiering at the 2016 Los Angeles Film Festival on Monday, June 6th.
Jade Pettyjohn's Website, Twitter & Instagram.
Photo by Jessica...
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Is the Band 'After Romeo' the New 'One Direction'?

(1) Comments | Posted June 3, 2016 | 10:28 AM

After Romeo is going on a national tour tied to the release of their upcoming EP Good Things.
After Romeo's Website , Twitter & Instagram.
Photo by Michael Becker.

Now these are my type of...

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E!'s Rich Kids of Beverly Hills' Bianca Espada Dishes on Everything

(0) Comments | Posted May 26, 2016 | 4:48 PM

Bianca Espada's Website & Twitter. #RKOBH
Photo by Solmaz Saberi.

Now when I think of the word 'charming', I will forever associate it with Bianca Espada, E!'s Latina lifestyle blogger.

I really tried to trip Bianca up...

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Jenna Kingma of Bravo's Tour Group Has a New Line of Inspiring Jewelry

(0) Comments | Posted May 25, 2016 | 11:36 PM

Jenna Kingma is Bravo's newest breakout star in the docu-series Tour Group.
Jenna Kingma's Website & Twitter.
Photo by Allyson Magda.

Jenna Kingma is the founder and designer of an uber-hip yet glamorous jewelry line...

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Entertainment Tonight's On-Air Correspondent Carly Steel Talks Red Carpet and Super Personal Stuff

(0) Comments | Posted May 25, 2016 | 1:55 PM

Carly Steel is the on-air correspondent for CBS' Entertainment Tonight.
Carly Steel's Twitter & Instagram.
Photo by Diana Ragland.

Speaking with Carly Steel of CBS' Entertainment Tonight made me smile because I got to interview someone who...

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I Asked the Aussie Hunks to Take a Private Photo For Me and Here It Is... Plus Their Take on the LGBTQ Community

(0) Comments | Posted May 15, 2016 | 1:55 PM

Aussie Hunk's Twitter & Website.
Currently selling-out the world famous Planet Hollywood's V Theatre.

You'll have to scroll down for the private photo... if you can make it past the above picture.

Now conquering America after...

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A Candid Chat with Cary Deuber of The Real Housewives of Dallas

(2) Comments | Posted May 15, 2016 | 12:12 PM

Cary Deuber is on The Real Housewives of Dallas Mondays at 10pm on Bravo.
Cary Deuber's Twitter & Website.
Photo by Peter Svenson.

Okay, this lady Cary Deuber cracks me up. You know how, like,...

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