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Ilie Wacs
lie Wacs (pronounced Eely Wax, a Romanian name) is an artist and former fashion designer who studied art in Paris at the Ecole des Beaux Arts after WWII and then worked for designer Alex Maguy. He went to New York at the request of suit and coat maker Philip Magone and in the late sixties designed for coat maker Originala. In the early seventies he started designing suits and coats under his own label. He made his mark designing fitted coats in vibrant colors with clean lines and simple cuts at a time when coats were boxy. His highly successful Ilie Wacs and Wacs Works lines spanned over two decades. After retiring from his career in fashion he has devoted his time to painting with his works often shown in New York galleries. He resides in New York City and Eastern Long Island.

Blog Entries by Ilie Wacs

The Liberation of the Shanghai Jewish Ghetto

2 Comments | Posted January 30, 2012 | 01/30/12 06:00 PM ET

Note: Deborah Strobin and Ilie Wacs are siblings eight years apart, and this essay is based on their memoir about growing up together in Nazi Austria and the Shanghai Jewish Ghetto before escaping to America. Each writer takes turns sharing memories below.


We heard the...

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