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Marian Wright Edelman


A Mississippi Freedom Summer Pilgrimage: An Atrocity We Must Never Forget

Marian Wright Edelman | July 25, 2014 | Politics
We must make sure that our children and all of us know our history and that the atrocities that wiped out the lives of Chaney, Goodman and Schwerner and countless others who died for freedom and justice during the Civil Rights Movement
Diana Buckhantz


Arriving in Rwanda: Ghosts of a Troubled Past, Working Towards a Better Future

Diana Buckhantz | July 25, 2014 | Impact
We always begin our trips to Congo with a visit to the various Genocide Memorials in Kigali, Rwanda. We visit these sites as a reminder of why we do the work we do and to pay our respects to the victims of the Rwandan genocide.
Christopher A. Brown


A Warning for Parents of Millennials

Christopher A. Brown | July 25, 2014 | Impact
All of us should be very concerned about the picture that's emerging around two of the most profound choices today's young adults will face, marriage and parenthood, because they are bearing the next generation of children.
Hervé Larren


6 Reasons Why Everyone Should Work for a Mission-Driven Company

Hervé Larren | July 25, 2014 | Business
There are many personal, professional, and of course, moral, reasons that working for a mission-driven company can improve your satisfaction with work and life.
Danielle Nierenberg


These 10 Young People Are Changing the Food System in Huge Ways

Danielle Nierenberg | July 25, 2014 | Green
Innovations in agriculture don't just come from veteran environmentalists or food industry heavyweights.
Gaia Paradiso

The Silent War in the Cradle of the Mediterranean

Gaia Paradiso | July 25, 2014 | Impact
Tens of thousands of migrants have landed on Italian shores so far this year 2014 and the number is expected to soar past the record of 63,000 set in 2011 during the Arab Spring uprisings.
Tracy L. Barnett


Ten Years on the Front Lines of Indigenous Struggles: Interview With Intercontinental Cry Founder/Editor John "Ahni" Schertow

Tracy L. Barnett | July 25, 2014 | Impact
Ten years ago, when John "Ahni" Schertow launched the award-winning magazine Intercontinental Cry, about 50 Indigenous Nations led their own front-line struggles to save some of the last intact habitats on Earth from the ravages of modern industrial development. Now more than 500...
Kristen DeFalco

Why We Need to Talk About the Sexual Assault of Men and Boys

Kristen DeFalco | July 25, 2014 | Impact
Let's talk about rape. No, not the rape of women and girls that seems to consume the media, and has become a staple for just about every drama on television these days. I'm talking about the conversation that nobody is having; the rape and sexual assault of men and boys.
Timothy P. Silard


The Power of Second Chances

Timothy P. Silard | July 25, 2014 | TED Weekends
Our "incarceration only" approach to public safety has left us with bloated prisons and jails, wasted tax dollars and sky-high recidivism rates (more than half of those behind bars end up back in prison within three years after they are released).
Heather Ann Thompson


Redemption and the War on Drugs

Heather Ann Thompson | July 25, 2014 | TED Weekends
It seems not to matter that, like so many veterans of other ugly wars, the young people who experienced the brutal Drug War had only become soldiers in the first place because of a "poverty draft." It also seems irrelevant to most that the longer these young conscripts to the Drug War lived with its brutality, the more violent they themselves became.
Food Politic


Using Food as a Treatment for Mental Illness

Food Politic | July 25, 2014 | Impact
Most of us are familiar with food banks and soup kitchens, where donated food goes to feed hungry people in the community. Yet we rarely talk about the connection between mental illness and hunger and how access to food can do more than just provide a full stomach.
Tara Oakman

Not the End of the Story: Building Empathy in Pursuit of a Culture of Health

Tara Oakman | July 25, 2014 | TED Weekends
"Doctors pulled the bullets out, patched me up and sent me back to the same neighborhood where I was shot. No one hugged me. No one counseled me. No one told me that I would be okay." If that emergency room treating Senghur had been trauma-informed, could he have been provided with the attention he may have needed and not have perpetuated the cycle of violence by eventually killing another man?
MBAs Across America

Team Harvard: Bringing Neighborhoods Back at Youth Rebuilding New Orleans

MBAs Across America | July 25, 2014 | Impact
The house was full of dust and the floorboards still only half fit together. You could see at the uneven seams how the water had warped them and pulled them apart underfoot.
Julia Wiklander

My Wish for My Unborn Child...and Girls and Women Worldwide

Julia Wiklander | July 25, 2014 | Impact
As the baby grows inside me, we follow its growth week by week on our phones through our pregnancy app. It is an incredible experience to know that I'm carrying a child who is loved before even entering the world.
Lissa Coffey


Life Lessons Learned From Salsa

Lissa Coffey | July 25, 2014 | Healthy Living
Every one of us is going to have our own pace. We can't compare ourselves to other dancers, or other people. We need to be patient, and gentle with ourselves. Just do your best and trust in the process. When we keep going, we eventually get there. There are many paths to any destination.
Shawn Askinosie

Thinking About Following Your Dream? Just Double Up on Your Lexapro (Part 2)

Shawn Askinosie | July 25, 2014 | Impact
When I told my wife, Caron, that I wanted to start a chocolate factory and quit my law practice she looked at me calmly, lovingly and asked, "Can't you just double up on your Lexapro?" "No," I said "it's not that simple.
J. Mijin Cha


We Are Not White

J. Mijin Cha | July 25, 2014 | Politics
Politically speaking, the high level of social acceptance and privilege that comes with being Asian-American is ultimately dangerous because it sets up a false notion of who we really are. For starters, we are not white.
Kevin M. Ryan


Counting Homeless Kids, the Right Way

Kevin M. Ryan | July 25, 2014 | Politics
Children don't vote. They rely on us to protect them. The ones who are the most vulnerable, those who are homeless and at risk of being prostituted, need us more than ever.
Christina Rice


Celebrating Women of the Post-War Era Through Photographs

Christina Rice | July 25, 2014 | Los Angeles
The accomplishments of these women have largely been buried in file cabinets for decades, but are now being resurrected through our efforts to digitize the Valley Times collection. This month, a new Central Library exhibit was unveiled highlighting the remarkable women of the Valley Times.
Kare Anderson


Got a Loafer on Your Team?

Kare Anderson | July 25, 2014 | Impact
Is someone not pulling their weight yet expecting to enjoy the fruits of your group's hard work? Here are five tips to prevent freeloading. Avoid the unattractive, energy-sucking role of the nag. Instead become the popular Opportunity Maker who's the glue that...
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