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Kevin O'Brien


From Deployed to Employed: The Battle to Find a Job in the Civilian World After Serving the Nation

Kevin O'Brien | Posted June 12, 2012

Since 9/11 there have been more than 2 million men and women who have served and defended our nation in Iraq and Afghanistan. These brave warriors volunteered to do a job knowing they would be put in harm's way. You would think that as they come home and look to...

Mark Redmond


Homeless for One Night

Mark Redmond | Posted June 12, 2012

When I am not writing the occasional column for the Huffington Post, my regular job is executive director at Spectrum Youth and Family Services in Burlington, Vermont. Burlington is the state's largest city, and Spectrum is the largest provider of services to homeless and at-risk teenagers and young...

Paul Boden


Fed Up With Housing Policy

Paul Boden | Posted June 12, 2012

More than 1.46 million households are currently living on less than $2 a day per person in the wealthiest country in the world, more than double what it was in 1996. This shameful fact has had an especially harmful effect on children, whose numbers in these households ballooned...

Jodi Grant


Spreading Success: The Expanded Learning and Afterschool Project

Jodi Grant | Posted June 12, 2012

The push to reform and improve the nation's schools has been with us for decades. And while it sometimes seems that reforms come and go like waves reaching the shore -- first crashing loudly, then petering out on the beach before receding with little evidence left behind, in fact, we've...

Ann Brenoff


Why We Still Have The Stay-At-Home Mom Debate

Ann Brenoff | Posted June 12, 2012

Wow, talk about a conversational flashback. Thanks to Democratic strategist Hilary Rosen saying how Ann Romney -- stay-at-home Mom to five boys -- "actually never worked a day in her life," that old can of worms about SAHMs has again been reopened. It's an argument that raged back...

Donald Carr


Protecting Water at the Source

Donald Carr | Posted June 12, 2012

One of the big challenges facing the globe in the next century will be access to clean water.

In America, federal agriculture policies are putting drinking water used by millions of people at risk. Perverse incentives such as farm subsidies and ethanol mandates have ushered in an era of fencerow-to-fencerow...

Sandy Abrams


Mompreneurs: Family Celebrations With an Eco-Friendly Twist

Sandy Abrams | Posted June 12, 2012

Corey Colwell-Lipson took action on a feeling that many moms have, year-in and year-out, at Halloween. You know that feeling when your kid comes home with a pillowcase full of junk and expects to eat it all?

Corey was moved to make Halloween healthier not only for kids but...

Jacey Eckhart


Uniform Envy

Jacey Eckhart | Posted June 12, 2012

Our current HuffPost Book Club pick is "What It Is Like To Go To War" by Karl Marlantes. We are talking about different aspects of the military experience over on our Book Club page; this entry was created as part of the discussion; go to the...

Vicky Ward


Hilary Rosen Should Donate to Multiple Sclerosis Foundations

Vicky Ward | Posted June 12, 2012

I thought I was done blogging for the day.

But, like Ann Romney, my sister suffers from Multiple Sclerosis. So, even though Hilary Rosen has correctly apologized for attacking Ann Romney for staying at home, being rich, and not representing economically-challenged women in America, I am still furious...

Nancy A. Scott


The Problem With Curbing Curiosity

Nancy A. Scott | Posted June 12, 2012

I recently attended The Harris Center's annual Public Forum focusing on body image and the media. David B. Herzog, the Center's director, welcomed speakers Arianna Huffington, Franca Sozzani, and Doutzen Kroes.

I also attended a book reading in September featuring Emily Fox-Kales and her book Body Shots:...

Rabbi Rachel Gartner


Leave Newsweek's Top 50 Rabbis List in Mitzrayim

Rabbi Rachel Gartner | Posted June 12, 2012

As Passover 2007 began, the Jewish community first became tethered to Newsweek's Top 50 Rabbis List. As Passover 2012 ends, let's finally break the bonds, and liberate ourselves from it. America has enough idols. Let's smash this one (the list, not the rabbis). It's time to say dayenu -- enough...

Malik Yusef


Last Night DJ Saved My Life

Malik Yusef | Posted June 12, 2012

We are all led through life by a soundtrack -- whether it's music made in struggle, such as "Strange Fruit" by Billie Holiday, "What's Going On " by Marvin Gaye, or the use of songs to help navigate the Underground Railroad. We are our music. Yet, not often mentioned is...

Tina Thompson


WNBA Draft: Remembering the Day My Life Changed

Tina Thompson | Posted June 12, 2012

I wish I could actually start this blog describing my emotions of how nervous and anxious I was in anticipation of my name being called and placed on the Draft board. Um, not so much!

The WNBA has come a long way since then, to say the least. My...

Miyoko Sakashita


A Lifeline for Sea Life

Miyoko Sakashita | Posted June 12, 2012

To me, the ocean is our greatest wilderness. I love swimming in it, surfing its swells, watching it from shore and thinking about all the life churning unseen beneath the surface.

When I take my little kids to check out tide pools, we're overjoyed when we find...

Lisa M. Dietlin


Making a Difference: The World of Giving -- Sarcoidosis Awareness Month

Lisa M. Dietlin | Posted August 2, 2012

Did you know, April is National Sarcoidosis Month? You might ask what or who is sarcoidosis and how do you pronounce it?

A few months ago was when I first heard this word and yes, when I first heard the word "sarcoidosis" I had to ask for it to be...

Carey Fuller


Out of Touch While Others Run Out of Time

Carey Fuller | Posted June 12, 2012

I would like to personally thank the city of Kent's Chamber of Commerce for writing a letter openly declaring just how paranoid about the homeless they truly are. A cartoon in the April 6th edition of the local paper, The Kent Reporter will attest to that; just...

Bill Clegg

The Struggle To Ninety Days

Bill Clegg | Posted June 12, 2012

There are periods of time when certain people loom largely.

In my early years in New York it was my first boss, my first client, my first boyfriend. In my using years it was that same first boyfriend who was the only one who knew I was an addict...

Shira Lazar


Interview With 9-Year-Old Behind Viral "Caine's Arcade" (VIDEO)

Shira Lazar | Posted June 12, 2012

Nine-year-old Caine Monroy became an online sensation this week for building an elaborate cardboard arcade inside his dad's used auto parts store. At first, business was slow -- that is, until his first customer, filmmaker Nirvan Mullick, was inspired to organize a flashmob through Facebook and Reddit, sending a slew...

Jay Scott


Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation

Jay Scott | Posted June 12, 2012

Have you ever been in a gymnasium filled with nearly 2,000 screaming middle school students? Sounds a little scary, doesn't it? Well take it from me, it's not; instead, the experience I am referring to is inspiring and one that leaves you looking at the world in a new way.

Linetta J. Gilbert


Culture of Poverty in America

Linetta J. Gilbert | Posted June 12, 2012

An interesting new tool called the Opportunity Index, a ranking developed by a coalition of groups known as Opportunity Nation and an evaluation team called Measure of America, aggregates levels of access to opportunity for persons living in various U.S. communities. The Index ranks Minnesota as the second highest state...

Charlayne Hunter-Gault


Bringing the 20th Century Civil Rights Movement Into 21st Century Classrooms

Charlayne Hunter-Gault | Posted June 12, 2012

Recently during a meeting with high school seniors to talk about the Civil Rights Movement, I learned their graduation was on May 17th.

"Wow," I exclaimed. "How wonderful to be graduating on such a historic day." Seated at a round table in front of me, all of the students...

Sec. Kathleen Sebelius


Health Equity Can't Wait

Sec. Kathleen Sebelius | Posted June 12, 2012

April is National Minority Health Month, a time to raise awareness about the well-documented health disparities that continue to affect racial and ethnic minorities, as well as highlight how the Affordable Care Act is reducing those disparities.

Despite the progress that we as a nation have made over the past...

Evelyne Politanoff


Dress 4 Yellow to Benefit Lance Armstrong's LIVESTRONG Foundation

Evelyne Politanoff | Posted June 12, 2012

Founded in 2009 by the Nagel family, the 4 Yellow Foundation has raised more than $850,000 for LIVESTRONG in the global fight against cancer through events such as Swing Fore Yellow, Ski 4 Yellow, and Ride 4 Yellow hosted in Texas and Colorado. Due to its success, 4 Yellow...

Joseph W. Saunders


From Under the Mattress and into the Bank: Increasing Financial Access for Women in Nigeria

Joseph W. Saunders | Posted June 12, 2012

This post was co-authored by Mary Ellen Iskenderian, Women's World Banking, and Joe Saunders, Visa Inc.

A growing chorus of voices is calling for a shift away from cash-based economies in the developing world. For governments, non-governmental organizations and companies focused on expanding financial access to the underserved, it is...

Joseph Bobrow


Hidden Wounds And Hidden Strengths Of Our Military Families

Joseph Bobrow | Posted June 12, 2012

Stephanie's husband, Michael, returned from Iraq in body, but he was plagued by unrecognized post traumatic stress. After six months stateside, he committed suicide. Stephanie's church, their main support system, uncharacteristically condemned him and shunned her.

Stephanie felt both isolated and blameworthy, a toxic brew which did not help...

Babette Maxwell


After Virginia Beach Crash, the Military Family Felt it Personally

Babette Maxwell | Posted June 12, 2012

If you were anywhere near a TV on Good Friday, you know that an F-18D crashed into an apartment complex after a massive malfunction. The jet was seen by many in the Virginia Beach area before it hit the 40 homes later deemed destroyed. Some say it is a miracle...

Ted Daywalt


Over 65 Percent Of Companies Won't Hire Active Members Of The National Guard And Reserve

Ted Daywalt | Posted June 12, 2012

While much has been written about transitioning military finding jobs, not much attention has been given to the employment struggles military families face. There are two aspects to consider when looking at this problem, the issues faced by active duty military families and the issues faced by families of National...

Michele Hunt


It's Time to Rethink and Reshape Our Organizational Cultures

Michele Hunt | Posted June 12, 2012

Attracting and retaining the best and the brightest, and achieving extraordinary results is simple; create a great organizational culture -- A Culture For People. One of the most important jobs of a leader is to create and manage the organization's culture. To create a culture of greatness, a leader has...

Zack Exley


One More Film to Support on Kickstarter: Profiling America

Zack Exley | Posted June 12, 2012

A guy named ‎Thom Stark is making a movie that you should support right now on Kickstarter. He's an amazing guy who I first tracked down when I was writing my blog Revolution in Jesusland (a project documenting how "last will be first" Christians are taking leadership of...

Kate Otto


TOMS Shoes Controversy: A Call to Move From Discussion to Action

Kate Otto | Posted June 11, 2012

This week, the social enterprise TOMS Shoes asked customers to participate in an awareness-raising exercise called "A Day Without Shoes" in which participants would sacrifice wearing shoes for one day, "so kids don't have to."

TOMS' model of social entrepreneurship is a "one-for-one" approach: for every pair of shoes you...