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An Open Letter to Those Who Feel the Bern

As we move toward the 2016 presidential election, it is critical that those who embrace progressive values turn their energy to the defeat of Donald J. Trump. I know that millions of Americans who were inspired to support Senator Bernie Sanders are disappointed. But nothing is more important now than the defeat of Donald Trump. As we move forward into the future, the movement generated by Bernie Sanders must and will continue to shape American politics and American government. But, at the moment, it is time to take a deep breath and do what is truly essential for our nation.

Clinton Praises Courage Of The Victim Of Brock Turner Sexual Assault

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The Washington Post via Getty Images

Transcript: Hillary's Interview With The Huffington Post

Trump Calls For The Surveillance Of Mosques

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Christopher Aluka Berry / Reuters

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'I'm The Shooter': Mateen Reportedly Called Local TV Station During Attack

Omar Mateen

TOXIC TRUMP: Donald Nosedives Among Black & Latino Voters

Donald Trump
Jonathan Drake / Reuters

ABC/WaPo: 70 Percent Unfavorable Rating… Bloomberg News: 55 Percent Say They Would Never Support Trump...

We Bought An AR-15 In Orlando In Less Time Than You Spent At The DMV

Andy Campbell/HuffPost

The Weapons Of War Used In Mass Shootings...

Republican Governor Says He Doesn't Plan On Voting For Donald Trump

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What Do We Do If The Orlando Shooter Really Was Gay?

Horizontal Memorial

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SF 49ers Slam NC Anti-Queer Law.. KKK Is Using Trans Controversy To Recruit New Members

Hillary Clinton Thinks Women Should Be Included In The Draft

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Gary Cameron / Reuters

Mateen's Domestic Abuse History Should Have Been A Warning Sign

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Adrees Latif/Reuters

'Straight, White, Male, Republican Politician' Gives Touching Orlando Tribute

Utah Spencer Cox Orlando Speech
YouTube/registerfl's channel

Clinton Meets Privately With Sanders After Winning Final Primary Of 2016

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The Washington Post via Getty Images

Trump Doubles Down On Obama Conspiracy Theory

Donald Trump
Boston Globe via Getty Images

Clinton Welcomes Trump To The Cause Of Gun Control

Hillary Clinton
Aaron Josefczyk / Reuters

Colbert Uses A Chilling Symbol To Explain Trump's Orlando Comments

Stephen Colbert Trump

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Democrats Troll Trump And Republicans On Gun Control

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Russia's 'Pivot To China' Was All Talk And No Action

Putin Xi
POOL New / Reuters

Putin Shows He Doesn't Always Want To Be An Enemy


The Federal Reserve Maintains Interest Rate Amid Slower Job Growth

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Jessica Kourkounis/Getty Images

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Some Republicans Can’t Even Bear To Acknowledge Trump’s Existence


Brock Turner Judge Aaron Persky Taken Off New Sexual Assault Case

Athena Image
Stephen Lam / Reuters

Court Transcripts: He Believed Brock Turner Was Sorry

Wall Street Bailout Didn't End In 2008

Mark Lennihan/AP

The NRA Actually Got Something Right On Gun Control

Americas Usa North America Northeast Gop Us Politi
Bloomberg via Getty Images

HUFFPOLLSTER: Voters Remain Very Negative About Trump And Clinton

Trump Clinton Unfavorable

Senate Votes To Include Women In The Draft

Athena Image
Jessica McGowan via Getty Images

Anderson Cooper Grills 'Hypocrite' Who Fought Against Gay Marriage In Florida


Orlando Survivor Describes Horrific Scene At Pulse Nightclub Shooting


'Tearful' Pistorius Walks On Stumps In Court In Bid To Avoid Jail

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Siphiwe Sibeko / Reuters

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Fallujah Fight.. 3,000 + Saved.. Sneezing Iguanas?!.. Duterte.. Pregnant Refugees Toll.. U.S.-China Tie

Trump To Meet NRA About Banning Gun Sales To Watch-Listed People

Athena Image
Jonathan Drake / Reuters

Gator Drags Toddler Into Lagoon Near Disney's Grand Floridian Resort


Man Calls Muslim Women 'Terrorists' On The NYC Subway, Gets Shut Down

Metro Subway Nyc
Sir Francis Canker Photography via Getty Images

A Reason To Shop At H&M That Has Nothing To Do With Fashion

Emea Europe Retail Retailer Store Stores Shopper Shoppers Retail Hungary Hungarian Economy Economic Spending Finance Financial Economy
Bloomberg via Getty Images

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Pornhub Wants To Be More Accessible To The Blind

Getty Images

Chait: Trump Is Actually Winning Over The Republican Donor Class

Human Interest Politics Election Saitama Feedrouted_global Topix Bestof
Tomohiro Ohsumi via Getty Images

Massive Heat Dome To Scorch The Southwest

Phoenix Heat Wave

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Heat Records.. Mutt Day.. Divestment.. Arctic Drilling.. Sea Lions.. Pope And Mayors.. California Flooding

Orlando Shooter's Wife Reportedly Knew Of His Plans For Attack

Orlando Crime Scene
Carlo Allegri / Reuters

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"Random" Shooting.. FBI Investigation.. "Mac" Phipps.. Concert Shooting.. Casey Anthony.. Bad Brawl

Report: Belgian Police Receive Warning Of ISIS Cell Headed To Europe

Athena Image
Francois Lenoir / Reuters

Trump's Twitter Army Is Real

Athena Image
Jonathan Ernst / Reuters

The Homophobia Behind The Orlando Massacre Is Alive In Brazil

Lgbt Brazil
Cris Faga/CON via Getty Images

The Entire World Showed Up To Defy Hate With Love After Orlando Shooting

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Dylan Martinez / Reuters

U.S. Southern Baptists Formally Repudiate The Confederate Flag

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WATCH LIVE: Green Party's Jill Stein Talks Election Thus Far

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Win McNamee via Getty Images

Female Veteran Fires Back At Angry Parking Note In The Best Way Possible

Athena Image
Rebecca Landis Hayes

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Kim Kardashian Poses Nude, Naturally, On Her First-Ever GQ Cover

Athena Image
Mert Alas & Marcus Piggot for GQ

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Here's The First Mammal Extinct Because Of Human-Caused Climate Change

University of Queensland

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Heat Records.. Mutt Day.. Divestment.. Arctic Drilling.. Sea Lions.. Pope And Mayors.. California Flooding

13-Year-Old Stand-Up Comic Owns Trump With One Awesome Joke

Americas Got Talent
America's Got Talent

Target Employees Defend Breastfeeding Mom From Angry Man

Breastfeeding Mom Jesse Maher Breastfeeding Target

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Honest Cards For Mom.. Real Advice For New Parents.. Mom And Kid Photos Look Identical

What’s The Best Advice Your Dad Has Given You? (We Want To Hear It!)

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ABC Photo Archives via Getty Images

WHO Has Great News For Coffee Drinkers — With One Caveat

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Carlo Allegri / Reuters

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Whole Foods Nailed For Unsanitary Conditions In Food Prep Plant

Rebecca Cook / Reuters

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WATCH: 360-View Of New York's Vigil To Honor Those Lost In Orlando

Orlando Shooting Orlando Pulse Nightclub Stonewall Ryot

'Lunatic' Trump Makes Sophia Bush Appreciate Clinton Even More

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Evan Agostini/Invision/AP

Michelle Obama Has The Best Advice For Shutting Down The Haters

Horizontal Summit
AFP via Getty Images

Kerry Washington Had To Block Twitter Trolls After 'Scandal' Abortion Episode

Politics Arts Culture And Entertainment Celebrities Washington Feedrouted_global
Alex Wong via Getty Images

How Mama June Has Been Staying 'Very Frugal' After 'Honey Boo Boo'

Jim Spellman via Getty Images

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Patricia Arquette: Trump Is 'Dangerous' And 'I'm Very Happy To Support' Clinton

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Manuel Balce Ceneta/AP

Neil DeGrasse Tyson Pays Homage To Orlando In The Most Scientific Way

Head Shotmoustache
Star Max/IPx

Spotify And Bumble Will Let You Judge Matches Based On Their Music Taste


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Why This Ballet Dancer Wants To Stand Out, And Stand Up For Workers' Rights


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There's More To This Car Seat Than Meets The Eye

Car Seat Brainteaser Brain Teasers Optical Illusions

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Merrick Garland Tears Up During Fifth-Grade Commencement Address

Washington Post

This Nonprofit Is Breaking The Cycle Of Homelessness, Addiction And Incarceration

Athena Image

Michelle Obama: Yes, President Obama Has Always Been 'Swagalicious'

White House Obama President Politics Nordic State Visit Sw
Drew Angerer via Getty Images

It Just Snowed On Hawaii's Big Island

National Weather Service Honolulu

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Prince William Appears On Cover Of Gay Magazine Attitude

Prince William Attitude
Attitude / Leigh Keily

Led Zeppelin's 'Stairway To Heaven' Plagiarism Lawsuit Heads To Trial

Athena Image
Dick Barnatt via Getty Images

Orlando Launches Fund For Victims Of Pulse Nightclub Shooting

Shooting Violence Crime Guns Mass Shooting Florida Terror
Drew Angerer via Getty Images

26 Joyful Wedding Photos The World Needs To See Right Now

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Here's How The Cavs Have Bottled Up Steph Curry

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Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports / Reuters

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Zoo Accidentally Chops Off Part Of Lion's Tail During Kids' Show

Brandon Geer

Happy Birthday, North West!

Getty Images

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Please, Just Stop Talking About Farm-To-Table

Fresh Organic Farming Natural Relaxation Romance
Adrian Samson via Getty Images

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Daniel Radcliffe Has A Good Reason For Skipping The 'Harry Potter' Play

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HO Old / Reuters

The 10 Best Cities For A Working Retirement

Athena Image
Roberto A Sanchez

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There's A New 'Final Fantasy' Movie And Its CGI Is Almost Too Real

Final Fantasy Xv
Sony Pictures Entertainment

'I've Finally Found The Holy Grail Of Expat Destinations'

Retire In Colombia