Have We Lost Faith in Humanity?

07/11/2012 07:58 am ET | Updated Sep 10, 2012

"I intend to live in the moment, not look at all the negatives, but the positives hidden inside them." | Support Marie's Intent

The world has become a very cynical place. We have pretty much lost our faith in humanity and our fellow man. Our first thought is, more often than not, negative. Why have we become this way?

A couple of weeks ago, I read this great story of an English man who withdrew a large sum of money from the ATM only to have it all fly away. He went back to his car dejected and hopeless that he would ever see his money again. A few minutes later, people started scooping up the money and bringing it back to him. He was pleasantly surprised. He got all of his money and his faith in humanity back.

Our cynicism has conditioned us to always see the negative in people. But we should really give each other another chance. We should stop thinking of the glass as half empty and try to find the positive in others.

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