Spend Some Time on Personal Growth

07/19/2012 07:25 am ET | Updated Sep 18, 2012

"I intend to set aside two hours per day for my own personal growth and spiritual development." | Support Dan's Intent

In this race of life, we often leave ourselves behind. Just like Dan, who set this intent, we are too busy trying to chase success to focus on our personal growth and development. What are we working hard for exactly -- comfort? Happiness? Is money the only route to those goals? While no one can deny the power and importance of money in our life and society, we tend to forget that there are other things that should also hold high value in our lives. Nobody wishes on their deathbed that they had more money, they wish for more time with family, more time spent traveling, more love, more laughter, etc.

We have evolved as humans because of our hunger for knowledge and our desire to be a better version of ourselves. If our ancestors were not curious, our world would be a very different place right now. Along with feeding our materialistic needs, we also need to feed our soul. That food can be anything from meditation, music, art or knowledge. There is a great quote from Henry Ford that says: "The only real security that a man will have in this world is a reserve of knowledge, experience, and ability."

So take a break this weekend and spend some time reflecting and discover what feeds your soul.

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