11/16/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Health Of The Mother Not Negotiable

I watched the last presidential debate and couldn't believe my eyes.

Senator John McCain, a husband and father, trying to convince the women and men of his country that they should entrust their lives to his judgment, raised his hands, stuck his fingers out in the air and made the sign of virtual floating quotation marks around the word HEALTH.

As in the health of a woman who might have to heartbreakingly give up her chance at motherhood because of a health condition.

He also stated that a judge who agrees in principle with the Roe v. Wade decision is disqualified, in his opinion, to serve on the Supreme Court.

I lived in a country where abortion was illegal. On top of killing close to a million women during a 25-year span, that law intruded on the intimacy of couples and families distorting the relationships between husband and wife, between mother and children. I have male friends who had to provoke unsafe abortions to their wives risking their life and freedom.

Senator John McCain is entitled to his own personal opinion on abortion. He has no right to judge or impose his skewed moral bias on any woman, suggesting that her claim to "health" is nothing more than a code word for a liberal ploy to reach some fetus-killing quota.

But then again, he also had a Freudian slip in his closing statement and said "we have to make health care avoidable". President Nixon, who so admired the ingenuity of insurance entrepreneurs in coming up with this brilliant concept of making money by denying health care, must be grinning under his tombstone.

*** for the record: I am a Christian and I am pro-life. I wish nobody ever had to have an abortion. I would never dream to tell another woman what to do with her life, her body and her "health"

***really, American Democrats, you need to start a serious public discussion about abortion and state your position. It's ridiculous how you let the conservative right hijack this issue. My 2 cents.

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