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Ira Forman

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Right Wing Fantasies Require Made-Up Facts

(14) Comments | Posted May 12, 2010 | 10:45 AM

There is nothing as dangerous as a desperate ideologue armed with a minimal amount of knowledge. An excellent case in point is Caroline Glick of the Jerusalem Post. This past week in Glick's ongoing saga of fighting to make sure Israel never even explores any compromises with the Palestinians,

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Are Jewish Republicans Serious?

(1) Comments | Posted March 11, 2010 | 1:18 PM

This past weekend the Republican Jewish Coalition (RJC) celebrated its 25th anniversary. We congratulate them on this milestone. Before their official celebration this weekend they released an op-ed by RJC's Executive Director, Matt Brooks, titled "Serious Words, Serious Consequences." In the piece Brooks castigates 54 Democratic members of...

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White House Hanukkah Blues

(129) Comments | Posted December 3, 2009 | 9:56 AM

We are now welcoming the first holiday season of President Barack Obama's administration. That means it's time to focus on what one GOP operative told me is the most important issue of the year for any Jewish organization in Washington, DC -- how many invitations can be had for the...

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Cantor -- Poor Judgment Abroad

(5) Comments | Posted August 12, 2009 | 4:25 PM

Last week, Representative Eric Cantor (R-VA), the only Jewish Republican in Congress, led a trip of GOP Members to Israel. This week, Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-MD) is leading a larger trip of House Democrats to the Jewish state. Unfortunately, Cantor took the opportunity of foreign travel to criticize U.S....

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A Call to Action: Rabbis for Health Care Reform

(1) Comments | Posted August 11, 2009 | 2:59 PM

Forty-seven million Americans are already without health insurance, and everyday 14,000 more lose their coverage. In the last 10 years, premiums have doubled, out-of-pocket costs have increased by a third, and deductibles have continued to rise.

As American Jews, we strive to pursue justice -- and...

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Dysfunctional Critics of Obama

(13) Comments | Posted July 26, 2009 | 9:28 PM

Dysfunctional is the word that comes to mind when I think of the Palestinian political leadership over the last 50 years. The old Abba Eban, famed Israeli diplomat and politician, quote sums it up nicely: "The Arabs never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity."

Yet, Palestinians do not...

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Sotomayor: A Strong Choice for Supreme Court

(1) Comments | Posted June 8, 2009 | 4:25 PM

The Dumbing Down of American Politics

(4) Comments | Posted March 16, 2009 | 12:54 PM

A handful of articles that I read recently have caused me to worry about how we are conducting our politics in the first decade of the 21st century. These pieces illustrate how the right and the extreme left are degrading the way we communicate with citizens in our democracy.


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Questioning the Patriotism of Freeman's Critics

(71) Comments | Posted March 10, 2009 | 11:46 AM

For 60 years, liberals have had the unenviable task of defending our loyalty and patriotism from right-wing attack dogs who claim that we hate America. In the Jewish community, we have witnessed a parallel phenomenon. Too often, those with dovish political views toward Israel have had to defend their stances...

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Obama's Durban II Critics: Nattering Nabobs of Negativism

(11) Comments | Posted March 2, 2009 | 11:26 PM

Last week, President Barack Obama opted to boycott the United Nations Conference against racism in Geneva (also know as Durban II) set to take place in April of this year. The Obama administration made clear to the Islamic nations driving the Durban II agenda that as long as the...

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CBS News Pick Claimed Democrats are Bad People

(2090) Comments | Posted February 20, 2009 | 3:47 PM

Today, I learned that CBS News named Jeff Ballabon, a New York Republican activist, to serve as the Senior Vice President of Communications.

What is CBS thinking? This guy is very far out there with his partisan rhetoric.

A decade ago, I debated Ballabon in New York....

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Delusional or Just Cynical?

(2) Comments | Posted February 9, 2009 | 11:24 AM

One of the more fascinating spectator sports in recent weeks has been watching the behavior of the Republican apparatchik class as it sounds off on President Barack Obama's economic recovery package. A good example of this "frothing at the mouth" reaction is a February 5, 2009 blog penned by...

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Cantor: People in Glass Houses...

(5) Comments | Posted February 2, 2009 | 2:48 PM

At the House GOP retreat this weekend Minority Whip Eric Cantor made the following crack about Health and Human Services designee, Tom Daschle.

"It's easier for the other side to advocate for higher taxes because you know what?"... "They don't pay 'em!"

In 2003, Representative Cantor...

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Michael Steele: No Profile in Courage

(35) Comments | Posted February 2, 2009 | 11:29 AM

The Republican National Committee's (RNC) selection of Michael Steele as RNC Chairman has elicited a wave of positive reaction from political pundits. Republicans, as could be expected, praised the pick; Democrats and progressives reluctantly agreed that the Steele victory was good news for the GOP. No one denies Steele's oratory...

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Petition to NBC: Stop Helping Coulter Sell Her Books

(0) Comments | Posted December 18, 2008 | 3:09 PM

On "Hannity & Colmes" Ann Coulter revealed that she will appear on NBC's "Today" show on January 6, 2009 to promote her newest book, "Guilty: Liberal 'Victims' and Their Assault on America." Once again, a respectable, mainstream outlet is giving legitimacy to an unreasonable and highly offensive "commentator"...

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Grasping at Straws

(9) Comments | Posted October 31, 2008 | 4:20 PM

As the clock ticks down to November 4th, polls of the nationwide constituency and polls targeting American Jews predict a disastrous loss for the McCain-Palin ticket. In response, some Republican Jewish activists are scraping the bottom of the barrel to find a few more ways to smear Senator Barack...

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The Jewish Vote and A Stronger America

(1) Comments | Posted October 29, 2008 | 4:52 PM

It is hard to believe that Election Day 2008 is only days away. There has never been an election where the focus on the Jewish vote has been as intense and where the emotions within the community have run so high.

Yet for all the emotion and heated rhetoric,...

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The Shamelessness of the Republican Jewish Coalition

(1) Comments | Posted October 2, 2008 | 6:47 PM

The 2008 presidential campaign will be remembered as a year in which the McCain campaign and its GOP supporters reached new depths of cynicism when attacking the candidacies of Senators Barack Obama and Joe Biden. Yet in this year of sleazy campaign tactics, (see the McCain's campaign claim that...

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The Facts on Governor Sarah Palin (and a Petition)

(0) Comments | Posted September 13, 2008 | 9:17 PM

There is a great deal of information and rumors circulating throughout the Internet and the mainstream media concerning Governor Sarah Palin. The Jewish community deserves to know the facts. Is Senator John McCain's pick for Vice President a reformer or a pork barrel spender? Is Palin a maverick or a...

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Biden is Strongly Pro-Israel, Republican Attacks Ridiculous

(15) Comments | Posted August 27, 2008 | 4:32 PM

The John McCain derogatory hit squad is at it again. All they know how to do is to sling mud, falsify records and go negative -- no matter how ridiculous the charge.

They are reduced to such absurd tactics because they know that for Jewish voters the issues that matter...

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