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10 Reasons Not To Vote For Marianne Williamson

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Here are 10 reasons not to vote for Marianne Williamson:

10. Because you believe that having a black person as president means that racism isn't alive and well in America. It doesn't bother you that one out of three black men will spend some time of his life in America behind bars. If you think that every person irrespective of his or her skin color has an equal opportunity to succeed in America then listening to Marianne Williamson discuss slavery, abolition, and the continued racial biases in our educational system is going to make you really uncomfortable. You should definitely not vote for her.

9. Because you think that cheap, poisonous food is better than healthy, organic food. You enjoy eating all of the sickly sweet yet ultimately toxic "foods" with lists of ingredients that you can't pronounce that sit on the shelves in our supermarkets. Genetic modification doesn't bother you at all. Tortured cows, chickens, and pigs too sick to stand, fish literally drowning in "farms" of feces and antibiotics, "fresh" pesticide-laden fruit and vegetables sitting on boats and trucks for months before they reach your table... if you love making Big Agriculture Corporations richer and putting things in your mouth that fool your brain into thinking your body is being nourished when it clearly isn't, then you should not vote for Marianne Williamson.

8. Because you believe that it is correct that women continue to earn around 77% what men earn and that even though women constitute 50.8% of our population it is acceptable that only 18.3% of congress is female.

7. Because you believe that somebody else should pay for the streets you drive on, the lights that illuminate those streets, the electricity that powers those lights, the police departments, fire departments and military services that protect you, public schools, the parks your children play in, the public health care system, the cheap government subsidized food that you eat (cf. #9 above), Social Security, Unemployment Insurance, and libraries. You argue with conviction that, "Warren Buffet being taxed at a rate of 17.7% when his secretary is taxed at a rate of 30% is totally cool. Regressive taxation is the best system because rich people earned that money and they know how to spend it better than poor people to help stimulate our economy."

6. Because you believe that the NRA represents a basic American right and all of those statistics about America being one of the most violent countries in the Western world with an average of one gun-related mass murder per month must be inaccurate. "Gun control doesn't work in the United Kingdom so why would it work here?" you claim. "Everyone would be safer if we all had assault weapons."

5. Because you believe that having the highest incarceration rate in the world is a good thing. "Heck, marijuana should be legal but there ain't nothing we can do about those one million people (disproportionately black, cf. #10 above) rotting in jail for selling it," you think.

4. Because you don't care if the Pope asked, "Who am I to judge?" You believe that marriage can only be between a man and a woman and that we need more babies because the world isn't truly overpopulated yet.

3. Because you get a kick out of exploiting others. Gore Vidal (cf. #4 above) famously said that in America, "It is not enough to succeed. Others must fail." This is what capitalism is all about. Exploit workers - for instance, don't pay writers because supply outweighs demand - while you return billions in profits to the already wealthy shareholders of your corporation because "Why bother paying for something when you can get it for free?! Heck, America was founded on slavery and isn't that what has always made us great? Paying Chinese workers $1.50 per hour to put together iPhones while Apple has $140 billion dollars in cash reserves obviously makes sense! It makes the world a better place!"

2. Because you believe that college graduates shackled with an average of $33,000 of student loans is a not a problem. Marianne proposes one year of national service in exchange for forgiveness of college loans but then "How would all of those poor banks charging interest on student loans survive???" Definitely don't vote for her if you love debt.

1. Because you believe that our government is working just fine and "It's impossible to get the corruption out of our electoral and legislative processes" so we may as well let the Democrats and Republicans (neither of which are mentioned in our Constitution) continue to create a stagnant, festering quagmire of blame, name-calling and inane rhetoric instead of the desperately needed change that will allow America to evolve, thrive, and continue to be the leader of the free world in the 21st century.