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Just Say No to Size 00

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Oh Britney, not again. Another glimpse of just too much of you and your gal pals cavorting around town. It seems like you three are the photo op du jour and it also looks like no-hair-down-there is the way to go too. Why oh why is no one teaching these young female celebutantes to wear panties - at least when they are wearing dresses? Where, I ask, is mama? You know, the one that tells you if you are not eating enough, that says "if you get into an accident, you want to make sure you have clean underwear on? Old fashioned, true, but how about ANY underwear on? Lindsey, Paris and Britney photographed with no underwear, is now the usual photo op, having hair down there is no longer fashionable as well. Bald seems to be in. Forget brazilian, its more mars.

Now it makes sense why the celebs and models are getting skinnier and more emaciated by the day. If parents cant stay on top of their kids to wear undies, what hope do they have by telling them to eat for their health? And maybe they just enjoy being on the internet and magazines el flagranto, a ala basic instinct, because, hey if it worked for Sharon stone, it can work for them even without a film. In fact they don't even have to have an album, a movie, or tv series to promote. . Just go out drinking, or shopping, or boyfriend swapping, and ,"oh, wow, I forgot my undies!" As Seinfeld used to say, "not that there is anything wrong with that'." The reality show of the 21st century is "how much does she weigh today and is she wearing any panties?" No harm no foul? But there is foul, when a generation of women are growing up emulating these celebs. Its like a car wreck, and we are all watching, but sooner or later the medics have to show up and take care of the wounded.

Yesterday I was asking the Editors of magazines to take a more proactive approach regarding the emaciated, anorexic models that are literally dying to be thin. Anorexia has killed three models is the headline in todays Star. Carla Sobrado Casalle, Luisel Ramos, and ana crolina reston all died in their early 20's from heart attacks with complications from anorexia. Ana's mother said "I WANT THIS TO BE AN ALERT TO OTHER MOTHERS" Today I am asking "Where is Mama"? The kind that saved one of the blog commentators from starvation, that kept Shaq on the straight and narrow, the kind that are supposed to be the voice of sanity to raging hormones and peer pressure.

/Celeb stylist Kim Bolufe says that "last summer , Nicole and Lindsay lohan were realy thing-that's when I noticed designers started designing for very skinny women" They have created the size 00. And Kate Bosworth, Nicole Richie and Posh Spice are wearing them . And this mother is begging for attention. "no money is worth the life of a child she said in a statement. "Not even the most famous brand is worth this"

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