Women's Friendship Month: 25 Ways to Be a 'Keeper'

09/26/2011 12:43 pm ET | Updated Nov 19, 2011

More than a decade ago, Kappa Delta Sorority created Friendship Day, and then turned it into a month-long celebration of friendship called, National Women's Friendship Month.The list I created below offers some reminders of the ways in which each of us can strengthen these vital ties by being a better friend:

  1. If you make a promise, live up to that promise.
  2. Be punctual, dependable, and reliable.
  3. Show up when she needs you.
  4. Be yourself. Who else can you be?
  5. Accept that you are human and make mistakes. Apologize if you have said or done something wrong.
  6. Accept that she is human and may make mistakes. Offer forgiveness.
  7. Try not to moan too much.
  8. Don't be guilty of giving out too much information (TMI) about yourself too soon.
  9. Be loyal and trustworthy. Resist the urge to gossip or spread rumors about your friend.
  10. Be a good listener, tune in to what your friend is saying, and try not to interrupt.
  11. Let your friend know you are interested in her and make sure everything isn't about you.
  12. Give her enough space so she doesn't feel boxed in.
  13. Accept that you won't always be on the same page because you are two different people.
  14. Be willing to make sacrifices and compromise.
  15. Be a comfort blanket but don't smother her.
  16. Remember if she detests olives in her salad or anchovies on her pizza.
  17. Resist saying "I told you so" even if you did.
  18. If she has three sick kids, offer to help out.
  19. Don't sleep with her boyfriend or be overly flirtatious with her husband.
  20. Share her successes and find ways to celebrate them.
  21. Don't brag too much when she's feeling down.
  22. Don't let too much time elapse between get-togethers.
  23. Don't be shy about letting her know when her behavior is endangering her health or is likely to have other adverse consequences.
  24. Don't harp and constantly remind her of her bad habits.
  25. Let her know how much you value her friendship.

Anything you would add to the list?

In friendship, Irene