06/22/2010 02:00 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Bank of America Wire Transfer: Lost in Space!

I made a Bank of America wire transfer on 12 June 2010. The money was to be transferred to an account of mine at another bank. However, 10 days later there was no trace of my money in either bank accounts.

It seems that I have unwillingly made a 10+ day ZERO interest loan to Bank of America. That was definitely not what I'd intended to do when I made my wire transfer on June 12th!

Over the past ten days I have sent numerous emails to Bank of America - to no avail. The bank refuses to tell me what it has done with my money. It does not appear in any of my bank accounts and I have no access to it. So where is it?

Anybody else having problems with Bank of America "borrowing" their money (at a 0% interest rate)? If so, please let me know how you resolved this matter - short of calling an attorney, the Better Business Bureau, the Consumer Protection Agency, etc.

Now I have a better understanding as to why Bank of America is number two on the list of The LEAST Trustworthy Companies In America !