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Iris Martin
Iris Martin, M.S., Clinical Psychology, University of Pennsylvania, is a recognized global expert in transformational psychology. In 1985, she created “Corporate Therapy” which became a model for organizational transformation among Fortune 500 organizations worldwide. It was even adopted by President Clinton and used during his second Administration on key domestic and global initiatives. Based on her ground breaking and best-selling book “FROM COUCH TO CORPORATION,” which won the prestigious “One of the Most Important Books in Psychology” Award by the American

Psychological Association, executives, politicians, consultants and coaches have built careers using this systemic bottom line model, and the book is still required reading in many graduate psychology and business programs around the world.

As a political activist, Iris has served on Governor Ed Rendell’s exclusive finance committee for over a decade, is a member of the Clinton Global Initiative and the White House Millennium Council, and is the former Pennsylvania Chairwoman of the DNC’s Women Leadership Forum. While at the White House, Iris created a documentary featuring the transformational work of both Hillary and Bill Clinton, as well as co-wrote the Clinton Administrations “Scorecard of Achievements” published by the Democratic National Committee and a position paper outlining the transformations achieved by President Clinton. She also contributed to two States of the Union Addresses and other key presidential initiatives.

Iris Martin’s first novel, “THE PRESIDENT’S PSYCHOANALYST” was optioned by Goldie Hawn and her production company, Cosmic Entertainment, to be made into a major motion picture. Iris relocated at the request of Cosmic to assist in its development, and has settled into a full time residency in Malibu, California. She is currently writing a Broadway musical based on the songs of Joni Mitchell.

“MORTGAGE WARS” is her third book, which uncovers the conspiracy of predators aimed at defrauding homeowners in the name of profit, and outlines a step by step homeowners’ plan of engagement against predatory lenders. Her next book, “THE POWER TO TRANSFORM” will be available in January 2010.

Iris is an excellent public speaker and has been a keynote speaker at LAFFERTY GROUP GLOBAL CONFERENCES, giving speeches in Paris, Stockholm, Sydney, Copenhagen, Brussels, London, Florence, Dublin and Kuala Lumpur, as well as a global speaker for IBM, a strategic partner. Her consulting clients have included IBM, Bank of Scotland, British Airways, NatWest Bank, SmithKline Beckman, Scott Paper, ARAMARK, Tennessee Valley Authority, KODAK, ATT, Gemini Consulting, The City of Philadelphia, the Police Commissioner of Philadelphia, and others.

Blog Entries by Iris Martin

Homeowners: The Courtroom is Your Battlefield

Posted October 6, 2010 | 17:38:36 (EST)

My recent book, Mortgage Wars: How You Can Fight Fraud and Reverse Foreclosure predicted that those homeowners victimized by predatory lenders would fight back and win the war against foreclosure. Now, it is happening.

The opportunity for a complete transformation of the global financial services industry is upon us....

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The United States Can Learn a Trick or Two From Shaun White

Posted March 7, 2010 | 20:26:10 (EST)

The continuing media circus following the enthralling Winter Olympic performance and second Gold medal win by snowboarder Shaun White has been fueled by more than a bevy of inspired journalists indulging in a little national gloating while seeking a deeper look at the self-possessed and clear-eyed sports icon.

White's recent...

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Homeowners: The War Games Have Begun

Posted September 11, 2009 | 18:37:57 (EST)

Homeowners across the nation have locked and loaded and are launching their mortgage wars. Sales of my new book, Mortgage Wars: How to Fight Fraud and Reverse Foreclosure are thriving among homeowners and attorneys alike. We have even taken over the airways, advertising the book on Monday night football! The...

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Anderson Cooper, Where Art Thou?

Posted May 20, 2009 | 13:18:52 (EST)

Anderson Cooper, where art thou?

On behalf of millions of homeowners,
that are launching their own mortgage wars,
we are seeking a broadcast commando
to lead us to Obama's door.

We choose you, Anderson Cooper
with your impeccable 360 view.
Will you be our staunch...

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Transforming Homeowner Violence Into A Mortgage War Plan

Posted May 15, 2009 | 16:18:34 (EST)

Sadly, there are a growing number of homeowners on the brink who have resorted to suicide and violence. This trend illustrates the need for a multi-level solution to the foreclosure crisis: one that not only provides financial and legal support, but also contains the emotional fallout of payment shock and...

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Homeowners, Don't Get Left out in the Cold!

Posted April 24, 2009 | 17:03:00 (EST)

Homeowners, welcome to Paradise Lost, the fate of millions of financially strapped boomers. A simultaneous loss of life savings, job income and foreclosure has many of them wondering, "Whose America is this, anyway? The bankers got bonuses to defraud us, and our industries and economy are in the pits. We...

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Healing All Homeowners

Posted April 7, 2009 | 18:00:35 (EST)

Iris Martin is the author of Mortgage Wars.

The meltdown begins. Your heart pounds, your palms sweat and your ears ring. Your breath is labored as your central nervous system triggers a flight or fright response. Thrust into survival mode, your being explodes with rage. In disbelief, you re-read...

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Homeowner, Don't Let the Wolf in Your Door!

Posted April 3, 2009 | 12:52:36 (EST)

Your lender is threatening to foreclose? Not! If your loan has been securitized, your lender is not the current note holder and has no legal right to do so.

Millions of Americans today are in financial and psychological distress because their toxic adjustable rate mortgages have reset, forcing them into...

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Obama's Plan Will Fatally Cripple Taxpayers and the Nation

Posted March 30, 2009 | 12:29:21 (EST)

The Obama plan, to create and fund public-private partnerships to buy toxic loans and securitized assets not only will not work, but will be the final blow to a global economy bloated with derivatives that cannot be legally linked to the real estate they represent. The government's dirty...

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