Looking for a Harvard Man?

09/01/2010 02:57 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

"Hi, my name is [Insert Name Here], and I went to Harvard. Want to have drinks/dinner/sex?"

If you're a guy who wants to use your Harvard degree as a way to pick up women or a woman who wants to meet rich and successful Harvard grads, there's a brand new online dating service created just for you. is a new dating site targeting women who would like to meet "poised Harvard University educated men determined to make a difference in the world as foremost doctors, lawyers, businessmen, academics and professionals." In other words: Women, are you looking for a rich or soon-to-be-rich guy with an impressive diploma? Sign up here.

At Harvard, there's a phrase that describes the answer to the "Where do or did you go to school?" question. We call it "dropping the H-bomb." When asked, some try to be evasive and say that they went to school in Boston. When pushed for specificity, Cambridge. If pushed farther, Harvard. Others are open but not boastful about it. Others brag about it, casually drop tidbits about their college experiences into conversation ("When I was at Harvard...").

And some particularly lovely individuals -- almost exclusively male -- drop the H-bomb as a way to land women, women who are impressed with Harvard's elitism and enamored by the idea of getting together with a man who is rich and successful. Some might call these women gold diggers.

On, women must pay a "small subscription fee" in order to participate and are e-mailed five potential matches weekly. The Harvard men do not have to pay a subscription fee and can only communicate with the women who, upon receiving their profiles, decide to make contact. DateHarvardSQ boasts that it gives women "total control" over the online dating process. Look! An online dating system that promotes female empowerment!


DateHarvardSQ's premise suggests that the intellect or education of the participating women is largely irrelevant. Men must prove that they graduated from Harvard to participate; women need to provide three photos of themselves, a credit card number, and an "academic/professional background." There are no indications that women must meet any requirements on this front. But don't you worry, Harvard women. The creators of DateHarvardSQ are working on a site for those of you who would like to meet "discerning" men. Whatever that means.