12/12/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Way to Rain on my Parade, California

Last Tuesday, history was made. My college campus exploded; hundreds of students converged in Harvard Yard and began taking literal victory laps around the Yard. Groups shouted, "Yes we can! Yes we did!" Among the undergraduate community, there was great excitement and a real sense of optimism for the future. Change wasn't just a theoretical concept, but rather an actual possibility. This was more than just a presidential election--it was proof that the unlikely really can happen, and we can help make it happen. All night long, students were celebrating in the streets of Harvard Square, cheering and shouting, cars honking their horns in support.

We canvassed, we voted, we campaigned...we helped make this possible.

And then the news came in that California passed Proposition 8. I am horrified at 52% of California's voters. How could you?

Marriage is a civil right. Yes, you might say, but I am a religious person and the Bible says marriage should only be between a man and a woman. My response: So what? We (and by we, I mean, you, me, and American society as a whole) don't believe everything the Bible says. If we are going to say that marriage should only be between a man and a woman because the Bible says so, then really, we should be rethinking our views on evolution, the capacity for a man to be swallowed by a fish and then re-emerge alive, the concept of a burning bush, not to mention the question of where the hell did Abel's wife come from anyway?

Maybe we shouldn't take everything the Bible says literally. Yes, the Bible is very important and contains many lessons that we can learn from. It's also true that the Bible was written during a different time period, and this is something we must acknowledge. For example, the Bible condones slavery, a practice that, over time, we have grown to realize is intrinsically wrong. Why can't we do the same with regards to marriage? Let this be a country where change is possible and discrimination is unacceptable.